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Soup Again

As if on cue, now that it’s October, the leaves started changing color and falling off the trees. It’s soup season! I love soup, but don’t make more than cold gazpacho over the summer. I’m excited that it’s time to put it back in the repertoire.

Changing colors on my walk this morning with Bella.

Changing colors on my walk this morning with Bella.

This week’s recipe for French Fridays with Dorie is for a Celery-Celery Soup. This week we start the fifth and final year of cooking through Dorie Greenspan’s book Around My French Table. We’re down to the last 30 or so recipes. I’ll admit that some of what’s left doesn’t excite me. That’s what I felt when I read through this recipe.

Into the pot

Celery and celery root (ugliest vegetable ever) cooked with onions and apples sounded simple but boring. Wasn’t it nice to be surprised at how well this worked for me off the page.

Hidden GarnishThe soup itself tasted good. I liked the smooth and creamy (though cream-less) texture. It was sweet and not sweet at the same time. However, it was the extras that made this so wonderful. The first bonne idée was to sauté tiny apple cubes in butter and curry powder. This “garnish” hid in the bottom of the bowl, covered by the ivory-colored innocuous-looking soup.

The second bonne idée was to make croutons with the same treatment. These went on top, so weren’t a secret. I LOVED it. It might have been the curry powder that made the flavors pop for me. I would consider adding a touch of curry powder right into the soup if I was short on time and wanted to skip the croutons and/or curried apples, though it will probably change the soup’s color. (Note I used only 4 cups of chicken broth as I’ve learned otherwise Dorie’s soup are too thin for me.)

Howard was away so he didn’t try this yet. I’m not sure whether he will (apples in savory food, you know). I did give half the batch to my neighbor, would will probably enjoy it more than he would.

To see what the other Doristas thought of their double-celery soup, check their links here. The recipe can be found in Dorie Greenspan’s book Around My French Table or online here.

(P.S. Happy Anniversary to my Dorista friends! It’s been a great journey together so far, full of so many unexpected friendships. I look forward to finishing up the book together plus whatever’s next.)


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  1. Those croutons look perfect to top of this delicious soup. It was a surprise flavor for me, and we both enjoyed it. Happy Anniversary Betsy, it has been fun and hopefully we will
    continue on this journey and make new friends.

  2. I didn’t do the croutons or apples because of the curry! I did add a dash of nutmeg to mine…maybe I’ll give the apples a try without the curry.
    This was quite a lovely soup and perfect for the cool fall weather we are experiencing!
    Happy Anniversary Betsy! Our meeting in Seattle was definitely one of the highlights of being a Dorista!

  3. I would have liked the soup better if I had used the curried garnishes (or just sprinkled some curry powder over it). It would have been an improvement over the hot sauce we used.

    Happy anniversary! Time sure flies when you are having fun. To finishing and whatever’s next! :-)

  4. Next time I’m trying the apple surprise in the bottom – it sounds great! Happy French Friday Anniversary – hope to see you and Howard someday soon!

  5. Glad that you made the curried apples and croutons! Will remember to make them the next time! I enjoyed this too!

  6. Happy 4th! And yes, those croutons look lovely!

  7. So did you check out goatsbeard? Celery root is still uglier. This was the first summer that I ate soup throughout. I took a tip from the Italians and served it at room temp… since I’m not a cold soup person. So glad to be back to real soup weather… a pleasant soup indeed.

  8. Your picture of the fall leaves is lovely! I have to admit to peeking at your post before I actually got to making this. So I took your lead and served mine with the croutons. I thought that it was delicious that way!!

    Not really fall weather here, but we kind of have to make do. I’m actually making Dorie’s go-to-beef daube today. I didn’t really like braised meals before Dorie, and I’d never tried celery root! So lots of new things in the last four years. Happy Anniversary Betsy!!!

  9. thekitchenlioness

    Betsy, what a lovely color your Celery-Celery Soup has and yes, it started to look like fall around here too – despite the balmy weather we enjoyed yesterday with tons of sunshine. Today there is rain and looking at your soup makes me think that I would not mind having another bowl of this lovely soup but his time with curried apples and croutons for a change!
    Have a great Sunday!

  10. Aren’t you a nice neighbor. Don’t you just love sharing food. We enjoyed this one too. I think the croutons were essential.

  11. I need Howard to refuse this, too! Food bloggers with picky husband club and all. Glad you enjoyed…I should have added the croutons.

  12. I agree, the curry really pulls this soup together. I’ve got some of this frozen for my parents, as Kevin was definitely not going to help me finish it. Happy Anniversary – it’s been wonderful getting to know you all over the last four years.

  13. You made the curried croutons – I am so impressed! After your review, maybe I should try them too some time. Glad you liked this one.

  14. The croutons and sauteed apples sound delicious. This soup was a pleasant surprise.
    W/ FFwD, even if I am not in love with the final product, there is always at least one take away that makes me a better cook.
    Four years, yay! I wish the book were a little longer (and that some of the final recipes were less scary)

  15. Betsy, for some reason I missed your Post last week – I thought I had read and commented on them all. Poor celery root really took a beating as far as appearance compliments go – I almost wanted to stand up for the ugliness of the celery root but since I didn’t make the dish, I thought I would close my mouth (for a change). Everyone thought this was a wonderful soup and it is something I will try soon. We are into cold weather and snow already so my soup pot is out. Very nice Post and love your colors.

  16. I really enjoyed this soup but am sorry I missed out on the bonne idées because they sounded amazing. I was actually delighted to see my Dorie friend, the celery root, back in play. If Wegmans would prepackage those suckers so I don’t have to tempt the gods with a sharp knife and veggie that all but fights back…they would make a fortune :) So fun to be in year five. What an adventure indeed !!

  17. I wish I had tried the bonne idees. It sounds like they bring the soup to a new level.

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