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February Catchup in March {CtBF} #EverydayDorie

Sheet pan suppers are one of my favorite kinds of one-dish dinners. What could be easier than tossing the protein and vegetables in oil and roasting them until cooked through and delicious? I make them all the time, sometimes based on what’s in my fridge, and sometimes inspired by recipes. I seldom make the same combination twice. This week’s recipe for Cook the Book Fridays was yet another version: Sheet-Pan Supper: Balsamic Chicken with Baby Potatoes and Mushrooms.

The Everyday Dorie recipe was straightforward: chicken, mushrooms, and baby potatoes strewn with herbs and roasted. Not so different from what I’ve made before. I’m not sure I’d make this exact recipe again, though I’m still sold on sheet pan suppers. My main takeaway from Dorie’s version is the addition of balsamic vinegar. I really liked the extra tang.

Lunch with Katie!

I was travelling this month, so I missed the earlier February recipe: Chickpea-Tahini Salad. Once home, I had a chance to catch up. Based on advice from Katie of Prof Who Cooks, who I saw in my travels, I made a smaller batch. I used just a single can of chickpeas and reduced the other ingredients by about one-third. I really loved the thick herby tahini-forward dressing. Much nicer than the more typical vinaigrette. The chickpea salad was delicious as a side or on top of a green salad. I’d make this one again.

You can see other recipe reviews from my blogger friends from Cook the Book Fridays by following their links for the chicken here and the chickpea salad here. Recipes can be found in Dorie Greenspan’s Everyday Dorie.

That’s all I have to say right now. Short and sweet. See you next time!


Easing into Autumn {CtBF} #EverydayDorie


Fall is settling in. Along with cooler weather, an urge to cook more hearty meals accompanies the seasonal change. Summer’s been all about grilling and salads, raw vegetable plates and tomato tarts of all shapes and sizes. Cooler nights are getting me in the mood for pots of soup, baked potatoes, winter squash, and Brussels sprouts.

This week’s recipe for Cook the Book Fridays , Chicken and Salad Milanese Style from Everyday Dorie, is the perfect transitional dish. Chicken breasts are pounded into thin cutlets, breaded and pan-fried. The chicken is served topped with a zesty salad with a lemony dressing. Delicious! And simple too!

What’s the deal with chickens these days? The recipe calls for 4-5-ounce breasts. That’s skinless and boneless already. I bought a package of the smallest looking breasts I could find. Three skinless and boneless breasts weighed in at 1.75 pounds. That’s over half a pound each, nearly double. I solved the problem by cutting each one in half crosswise before pounding, but I also sympathized with the chicken carrying all that extra weight.

I haven’t pounded meat into cutlets in a while and was a little overzealous. Dorie said that at the restaurant where she orders a similar dish, the chicken is pounded as thin as a record (remember vinyl?) so I didn’t hold back. Unfortunately. a few pieces were so thin that when I tried to peel them off the parchment, the meat shredded. Oops!

The cutlets were double-breaded and then set on a rack to dry for an hour or so until it was time to make dinner. In the meantime, there’s time to whip up a salad. When I was ready to eat, it only took a few minutes on each side to panfry the cutlets. Hot chicken was topped with salad.

I am happy to be reminded that chicken cutlets are easy and fast to make. So many other toppings would work as a change from salad for a versatile weeknight meal.

I also made Dorie’s Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies a few weeks back. Mixed results on the cookies. The batter was so easy to stir together because it uses melted butter instead of solid sticks. I cut back a bit on the chocolate, using about three-quarters of the amount. It was looking like the volume of chocolate would be equal to the remaining ingredients, so I stopped chopping. As it turned out, Howard thought they weren’t chocolatey enough. The cookies were also HUGE, much more like the size you buy in a bakery than the size I would make at home.


As recommended, I chilled the dough overnight. I baked two trays of cookies at the same time. It was interesting that pan on the upper shelf didn’t spread nearly as much as the one on the bottom. I preferred the ones that didn’t spread as much, so I’d suggest baking just one pan at a time, on the upper shelf.

Overall, I liked these cookies well enough. The addition of oatmeal made for a chewier texture and slightly nutty flavor. It’s only fair to tell you that chocolate chip cookies aren’t my #1 favorite type of cookie. I hope you’ll still be my friend.

Both recipes are worth trying out. They are found in Everyday Dorie: chicken on page 109 and chocolate chip cookies on page 246.

You can find my friends’ reviews at Cook the Book Fridays. : chicken here and cookies here.

Happy Thanksgiving to my Canadian friends and Happy Indigenous People Day to the American ones.