Cook the Book Fridays in October {CtBF} #EverydayDorie

As we continue to relive Groundhog Day, day after day (223 days and counting), I make an effort to take joy in the little things.  Sometimes it’s the color of the sky at sunset or the color of the leaves as they change and fall.  It could be the continual blooming this late in the season of morning glories climbing my garage or the smile on my face when I finish another knitted pumpkin.  More often, it’s the deliciousness of something I eat.

Fortunately, it was another winning month with the recipes selected by Cook the Book Fridays from Everyday Dorie.  On paper, neither was remarkable.  In my belly, JOY!  And the joy was compounded by being able to use my CSA vegetables in both recipes, so perfectly seasonal.

First were the Miso-Maple-Jammed Sweet Potatoes (though I’m two weeks late on sharing my impressions).  Roast sweet potatoes are a frequent guest at my dinner table.  Butter has always been their simple topping.  It never occurred to me to dress them up further.  This recipe tops the roasted potatoes with a complex compound melted butter concoction: butter, miso, maple syrup, and ponzu sauce (which I substituted with soy sauce & lemon juice – didn’t plan ahead). 

The topping was more saucy than jammy.  It also wasn’t very photogenic, too brown.  In any case, the miso-maple jam was tasty and I’ll whip up more next time I roast sweet potatoes.  I served the sweet potatoes with this Inside-Out Egg Roll Salad from Food 52.  The Asian flavors of the two dishes complemented each other well.

Next was Bean and Tortilla Soup. This sounded kind of boring.  I don’t always like Dorie’s soups, so my expectations weren’t high.  However, with a chill finally in the air, it’s time to start having soup for lunch.  The soup is a simple vegetable soup with Mexican seasoning.  Tomato-based vegetable soups are not usually my favorite.  Was I ever surprised!  Even plain, this soup was better than expected.  Dorie provides a long list of add-ins.  I had most of them on-hand, so we went wild.  Beans (black, which I just stirred into the base), sour cream, diced avocado, cilantro leaves, some of the onion and peppers used in the soup, shredded cheese and tortilla chips.  We ate this for lunch for three days.  And next time, I think I’ll double it.  It was that good.

Two more winners.  What a delicious Dorie fall it’s been.  You can find both recipes in Dorie Greenspan’s Everyday Dorie.  The corn is on page 226 and the soup on page 60.  You can find reviews from my Cook the Book Friday friends here for the sweet potatoes and here for the soup.

To my US friends, get out and vote!  Vote by mail if you can.  It’s safer for everyone (voters and election workers).  Follow all the instructions to be sure your ballot isn’t disqualified.  If a non-USPS dropbox is a reliable option, use it.  If your state has a tracking system, follow your ballot to make sure it arrives and gets accepted.  Voting is a privilege, and it’s your civic duty to participate.  I’ll get off my soapbox now…

P.S. WordPress changed the editor since I last used it in September. WHAT A NIGHTMARE! Any advice for navigating sanely? Ugh.


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  1. Helvyn Benjamin

    Hi. Pumpkins are so cute. Made cinnamon rolls today. Not bad. Xoxoxo

    Sent from my iPad


  2. omg–the editor! i was going nuts until i found a way to switch back to the classic one…if you are in the posts section of your dashboard, and see your list of posts, you can edit any of them with the classic editor…so i just created a blank post with a title in the wonky new one and then went back to the dashboard and re-opened up the draft using the classic editor option. your veggies look great and i’m also going to look into the egg roll salad!

    • Thanks Steph! I will definitely try your advice. I was also having problems where every time I hit save, it said I didn’t have permission. And at first, it couldn’t find any of the pictures in my media library. I think I got over those. So now if I can get back to the classic editor with your steps, my sanity might be restored…

  3. Those knitted pumpkins are so adorable. I agree with you that the sweet potato glaze are very brown and the tortilla soup, to me, is quite spicy. But Dorie seems to have a way to find a good balance among all the ingredients. Yes, delicious food is always a joy to eat!

  4. I love your knitted pumpkins!!…and both the potatoes and soup! I agree, both didn’t seem all that interesting but both ended up being great!! I had the same trouble with WordPress but after the first one I noticed some dots in the upper left, I do this on my phone so it might be different on the computer but any way it asked me if I want classic editor and I said YES and then since then it has stayed classic! Hope that helps!

    • I use the computer, but I am going to look for the option to keep using the classic editor. Between yours and Steph’s advice, I hope I’m back in my comfort zone! Thanks!

  5. I’m still using the Classic Editor plugin because I CAN NOT with Gutenberg (the new setup). THose knitted pumpkins are ADORABLE! I would buy those !! Sending you lots of love XO

    • Thanks Mardi! For the past few years, it seems like I spend all of my TV time in October knitting pumpkins. They are fast projects and everyone loves them! I’m glad it will be November next week. I’m ready to move onto something new… Hope you are doing well. xo

  6. I love the knitted pumpkins!! I am still crocheting and not sure if I can coordinate my hands to knit! I finally crocheted my first cardigan a few months ago! working on a new one now from my friend’s pattern All About Ami – The Rosewood cardigan! I still have to work on moving my blog likely to word press but not sure if I could keep up if it keeps changing!!

    but yes!! the soup was delicious! I loved all the toppings. We added way more adobo sauce while eating as my hubby wanted it to be more smoky!

  7. This soup was an amazing hit for all but it appears your adorable pumpkins have stolen the show lol !! I am with you on the groundhog day. I may be out from time to time but I am not socializing- just traveling. I am not sure when things will get back to normal but I am thankful that I am not ill, nor is Pete, so we are not taking any chances. We refer to it as “Blursday” around here but we are focused on getting a lot of rainy day projects done. It is good for passing the time, that’s for sure. Stay well and a big virtual hug to you !

  8. Oh, Betsy, I think I need to learn how to knit! (if only to get me through this election) (well, if only to get me through the past 4 years). Love those little guys that you create although a couple of them were big fellas. There was nothing photogenic about the miso jam/sweet potatoes. I thought it was a delicious recipe but I alway seem stuck with a huge container of Miso whenever I need to use it. I like the tortilla soup as well. It was lighter than most. The add-ons were fun. I just kept finding things to add in to various bowls of it I had for lunch or dinner. For my last bowl (I only made 1/2 a recipe) I piled everything on! Not sure I will live through the next week and then who knows what can happen. We have a first time voter in the family (Emma) so that’s fun. Thanks for your e-mail. Missing you and Howard.

  9. We loved the sweet potatoes and you are right is was a sauce not a jam. The soup was also a surprise hit in our house too.

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