Restaurant Week Review: AKA Bistro (Again)

Last week and this week are Boston’s winter Restaurant Weeks. There will be another one in the summer. We always try to take advantage of the occasion to either revisit a favorite place or try somewhere new.

Last week, we revisited a new favorite, AKA Bistro, where we went for my birthday dinner in December. AKA Bistro has both a French and a Japanese menu. On our first visit, we both stuck to the French menu. The Restaurant Week menu featured items from both the French and Japanese menus, so Howard went with Japanese selections and I went with French.

Howard started his meal with Hokkigai (Surf Clam) Ceviche with tomato, orange and jalapeño. It was interesting. The clam was diced into small pieces and served in a citrusy broth. There was some clam in every bite. For his main course, he picked the Sashimi Platter. There were five different fishes, and each one offered its own innovative topping. There was salmon, fluke, branzino, yellowfin tuna and something else we can’t remember. It didn’t look like a huge portion, but turned out to be quite filling.

For my meal, I started with a salade de betteraves et fromage de chèvre frais (roasted beet salad with fresh goat cheese). I love beets to begin with. This salad was amazing. The beets were chopped coarsely with cornichons, mixed with vinaigrette and packed into a tuna-fish-can shape. I’m definitely going to have to try to recreate this at home. For my entrée, I had truite en persillade, pomme galette, citron et ratatouille (rainbow trout with pomme galette, lemon zest and ratatouille). Trout is one of my favorite kinds of fish, and we’ve been having a hard time finding it in the store for home-cooking. I tend to order it when I see it offered on a restaurant menu. The trout didn’t disappoint.

We both enjoyed our meals, and the tastes we had of each other’s, but I preferred the French.

For dessert, I ordered the crème brulee and Howard the chocolate mousse. It was funny. When the plates were served, they looked familiar. We had each ordered the same desserts when we were there for my birthday!

One thing I have to say about this restaurant, which is definitely a new favorite, is that they know how to serve tea properly. I am a tea drinker, but most restaurants do a very poor job of serving tea. I often don’t order anything to drink with dessert because of it. At AKA, you are served a pot of hot tea, freshly brewed from loose tea leaves. The pot is large enough for more than one cup, and it is very good quality tea. Kudos!

Later this week, we’ll be eating at L’Andana in Burlington.


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  1. The Restaurant Weeks sound like a wonderful opportunity to try new restaurants or try new ones like you did. Your meals sound delightful.

  2. i guess we’d better try this place!

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