Hot Potato! {CtBF} #everydaydorie

We have another winner in the ongoing tale of cooking from Dorie Greenspan’s new book Everyday Dorie.  With this installment, a double-crust of puff pastry is stuffed with thinly sliced potatoes, garlic, herbs and cream.  What could be wrong with that? 

I will quibble with labeling this one as anything close to an “everyday” dish.  It’s not hard to prepare, but it needs to cook for a looooong time.  I didn’t read the recipe thoroughly and didn’t start early enough to accommodate the 2 hour cooking/resting time required AND eat it for that night’s dinner.  I can say that it’s really good reheated the next day and the one after that, so it must be spectacular fresh from the oven.  With all the cream, it’s also rather rich for every day. 

Company-worthy, potato tourte is a drop-dead gorgeous.  The burnished crust is the perfect advertisement for the tender melting potatoes inside.

Though the recipe doesn’t specify, I’m glad I opted for a deep tart pan instead of the usual shallow one I use.  Two pounds of potatoes makes a thick pile of potatoes.  If I’d used the shallower pan, only half the potatoes would have fit. 

We ate this for lunch with a leafy salad and for dinner with duck confit and asparagus.  There’s a little bit left that we’ll try with breakfast.  Suiting any meal might be an alternate definition of everyday.

You should try this one!  It’s on page 220 of Everyday Dorie.  Check out other opinions at Cook the Book Fridays.

March came in like a lion this year!  On Monday, Mother Nature dropped just over a foot of snow, just in time for the annual Town Election.  School was cancelled and the library was closed, but the election went on.  Kudos to Howard for waking up early enough to snow blow a clear path to the road so I could be on time for my all-day shift as an Election Inspector.  Despite the weather, once the snow stopped, we had higher-than-projected turnout.  Democracy in action!



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  1. Your tourte looks delicious! I will add more herbs to mine the next time!

  2. Loved this one, and yours looks so delicious.

  3. That’s a tall pie! I actually like it better the next day.

  4. you have like a million layers of potato in there! yum!

  5. A fine point you made that this potato tourte is good to eat anytime of the day. Mine went so fast that there was only one piece left for breakfast the next day. I’d consider making this for company when I have all the extra time.

  6. I totally concur about: it being another winner, it being a bit rich for everyday and due to the prep/cook time needed AND it being a fabulous option for company. Since I was pretty intimidated about the steps going into the prep, reverse psychology ended up having me feel pretty good lol. Plus my crust started unfolding in the first 10 mins in the oven and looked like a phyllo blog….I literally took one look and thought I would be posting a “pinterest fail” picture. But somehow this recipe ends up forgiving and it turned out looking ok. And tasting amazing. A keeper for sure.

  7. Looks so good. I loved it and so did the rest of the family.

  8. This is up there with the cauliflower bacon gratin from AMFT in my mind. It was good, but definitely not everyday cooking :-)
    Winter has been a bear and I am ready for it to hop on out like a bunny. Kudos to Howard, indeed!

    I’ve missed you!

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