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As someone who enjoys food holidays, or celebrating any holiday that can be interpreted through food, Bastille Day is marked on the calendar as a night for a French dinner.  This week’s recipe for Cook the Book Fridays, Galettes Complètes (Buckwheat Crêpes with Ham, Cheese, and Egg), were a natural to mark the event.

What I didn’t anticipate was the news that came in as I was preparing the crepes.  Another brutal attack on innocent people.  France was hit again as the people in Nice celebrated their national holiday.  The news is too often filled with stories of terror, hate, and intolerance of others.  Civilization isn’t acting very civilized these days. It makes me really sad, and afraid for the world’s future.  Some days I feel like things are spinning out of control and that the vision of a peaceful world is very far out of reach.

When the world feels upside down, my first instinct is to cook.  Being in the middle of cooking these galettes gave me a connection to France.  I’m also reading The Only Street in Paris by Elaine Sciolino which I won in the giveaway on Mardi’s site Eat.Live.Travel.Write.

Buckwheat Batter

I mixed up the batter for the buckwheat pancakes the night before, then cooked the crepes in the afternoon.  The recipe said it yielded 12 crepes, so I made half a batch.  I neglected to check the tips from my other friends at Cook the Book Fridays where they were recommending using more batter for each crepe, making it easier to fully coat the pan.

Galette #1

I still haven’t gotten the hang of making crepes.  Using a bit more batter, I was able to make 5 crepes, but 3 of them tore and one was small. I should have made a full batch of batter to compensate for the high rate of error. Remarkably, my first one, normally the “practice” one, came out the best.

The crepes are returned to the pan and topped with sliced ham, grated Emmenthal cheese, and an egg, then covered.  While the cheese melts, the egg cooks.  It took a while for the white to firm up, but eventually it did.  The final touch is to fold the edges up over the toppings to form a square. Seemingly simple, I actually had a hard time getting the sides to stay up.

Topped Galette

The buckwheat crepes are considered street food in their native Brittany.  I’m not really sure how one would eat these on the street, but they would definitely satisfy an urge for a snack that’s savory, salty, and filling.  They make a nice centerpiece for a light summer dinner too, on a plate with a fork.

I liked the crepes.  Howard liked them too, but thought he’d prefer regular crepes to the buckwheat.  In the end, I’m not sure they were worth the effort.

I served the crepes with another batch of raw vegetable slaw with garlicky dressing (the creamy version).  It was equally as good as the one I made with vinaigrette.

For dessert, we continue the French theme with the last slices of Dorie Greenspan’s Cherry Crumb Tart (from Baking Chez Moi).

To see how others’ crepes came out, check out their links here.  If you want to try them, the recipe can be found on page 135 of David Lebovitz’s My Paris KitchenHere’s David’s story about these crepes (though no recipe).

Be sure to smile at your neighbor or better yet, a stranger, and take a small step in making small connections to spread friendship and warm feelings instead of hatred in your corner of the world.  In these tumultuous times, I wish you peace.


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  1. I don’t even want to turn on the news anymore!! These crepes sound amazing—I think Bill might even eat them (as long as buckwheat isn’t mentioned!). Hope you’re enjoying your summer!!!

  2. I soooo love this post. My heart is breaking about things in the world, though my brain assured me that these knuckleheads will never win, no matter the personal toll on the people they harm. Light will overcome.

    But on to the food. A simple Caprese with fresh garden tomatoes won out on the easy scale. But I’ll be making these tomorrow and happy for your suggestions.

    XOX! Have a wonderful weekend!!

  3. Kindness to strangers is such a powerful message. Good suggestion. I like these crêpes too with vegetable slaw. Lovely action picture of the bubbling crêpe.

  4. That is such a nice pairing, the crepes and the creamy slaw. They both look delicious.
    It breaks my heart every time I see these senseless killings. Such a sad world we
    live in, when will it all stop?

  5. I had difficulty keeping the sides up, too, but I thought it was because my galettes were on the small side.

    The news has been terrible, with so much loss. I feel powerless in the face of these geo-political forces and find myself focusing on change and advocacy on a local level.

  6. I had a bit of trouble with these too but I am determined to get it right.. And as you say, “enough”. There’s just too much awful out there :( I hope you are enjoying the book!

  7. I don´t have an easy time making these either! but we love them so much that I make them anyway! Take care my friend xxxxxxxx

  8. Sigh. I was so sad to see that news from France…again. I also didn’t have an easy time with these galettes and I was pretty disappointed as I was thinking on the buckwheat blinis we made for FFwD–now those are truly fabulous!

  9. Oh Betsy, I loved this post. You managed to sum up my feeling of sadness and helplessness exactly. I wish you peace.

  10. Yeah, not a happy Bastille Day. And, since you wrote this, Turkey. I, like you, feel the world has spun out of control. Bad decisions have catastrophic results, don’t they? We shared some of the same problems. I could not get the sides to fold without cracking. Didn’t you love the holes in the galettes. I thought they were beautiful. What I really am enjoying is the raw salad. I picked up fresh cucumbers at the farmers market and sliced them into the remaining garlicky creamy dressing. They were delicious for dinner. With fresh tomatoes and corn. I seem to be sorta “unsettled” these days, if you understand what I’m saying. It’s not comfortable. Sending peaceful thought to you both and Bella.

  11. Oh yes, salads are great pairing with our crepes! With all the bad news recently, I am glad we are here sharing our love of food and friendship!

  12. Hi Betsy, the crepes were a challenge – weren’t they? Thank you for your thoughts on peace. I feel the same way about the world getting out of control!! You inspiration and peaceful thoughts are a great beginning that I wish many would do.
    PS- my bread dough is going well, I have given away 2 starters and plan to make crackers with my first “throw away”- I have never made crackers – so it will be interesting. Have you made anything?

  13. peggygilbey814628432

    Thoughtful and reflective Post Betsy. As always, even enjoyed reading about your cooking challenge but the crepes look lovely nevertheless.

  14. Nicole @ The 2nd 35 Years

    I find that cooking and baking is a balm for my soul when life is challenging. Xo.

  15. Kitchen Conundrum

    Being home and in the kitchen is a good distraction from the world outside. I do find that it’s my comfort spot too. What a good idea to serve the crepes with some of the slaw. It makes a really nice lite dinner for sure.

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