Salad Mania {CtBF}


Now that it’s summer, it’s grilling season at my house.  True confessions.  I don’t do the grilling myself.  Howard is 100% in charge.  While he minds the grill, I take responsibility for all accompaniments which is frequently salad.  I LOVE making salads – not green salads, but other kinds of salads: vegetables, beans, grains.  I enjoy making and eating any and all of these.  Certainly I have old favorite recipes, but trying new ones is just as fun.

This week’s recipe for Cook the Book Fridays, Raw Vegetable Slaw, from David Lebovitz’s My Paris Kitchen, provides a template that will get major mileage this summer.  It can be made from a single vegetable or a mixture, whatever herbs are fresh, and two choices of garlicky dressings: one creamy and the other a vinaigrette.  Almost any crunchy vegetable could be used.  The recipe suggests cabbage, radicchio, carrots, broccoli, beets, even apples, cut into matchsticks or sliced thin.  Avocado or hard-boiled eggs are also an option.

My CSA share included a bunch of tender kohlrabi, so I showcased them in a kohlrabi-only version of the slaw.  The tarragon in my herb garden has been plentiful, so I used that, along with parsley, instead of chives.  And I made the vinaigrette variation of the dressing because that matched my mood.


Purple kohlrabi is creamy white on the inside

The verdict?  Fabulous!  It was crisp and refreshing, perfect alongside anything grilled.  I’m excited to try this with other vegetables as well as with the creamy garlic dressing.

To see if my “Cook the Book Fridays” friends agreed, check out their posts here.  To try it yourself, you can find the recipe on page 96 of David Lebovitz’s My Paris Kitchen.



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  1. Betsy, your salad looks great! I just ran out to grab stuff for it, since I’ve been gone all week, but looking forward to trying it with something on the grill too! It’s that time of year.

    Hope you enjoy your weekend!! I bet in your neck of the woods it’s pretty festive!

  2. Wow, we both chose kohlrabi. I couldn’t get over how good and crispy it is. I’m sure it tasted even better with other grilled food. Like you, I’ll be making raw slaw all summer long! Enjoy.

  3. I’ve never tasted kohlrabi but it looks wonderful in your salad. I love the variation for
    this slaw, and the creamy dressing was delicious.

  4. This is a great looking slaw. Happy 4th of July weekend.

  5. I have never tried kohlrabi but i think I would definitely devour this just based on the photos!

  6. Yes I can see this dressing becoming a staple for me too!

  7. Nicole @ The 2nd 35 Years

    Love your wide selection of veggies… isn’the it great when you can grab from your garden?

  8. Your veggie combination sounds so good! I love recipes that work with what’s freshest and on hand. This salad is perfect for almost anything on the barbecue. Speaking of division of labour, my Dad loves his barbecue so much, he does most of the cooking through the summer!

  9. peggygilbey814628432

    Hi Betsy, your salad looks and sounds delish! I’ve two kohlrabi ready in my garden that I plan to use for making some sort of slaw for topping grilled hot dogs next week. Hope you are having a terrific 4th weekend!

  10. Betsy, Your salad sounds wonderful. It was a lovely crisp salad. I used beets and red cabbage in mine….and Bill even enjoyed it. I guess he didn’t see the beets. Happy Fourth!!

  11. Beautiful salad and I love kohlrabi in a slaw! I’m telling you, this recipe is the perfect CSA subscriber recipe with its “use whatever you’ve got” mentality. Love it! Happy 4th of July!!

  12. We had 3 slaws last night at our holiday gathering—so yummy and now there’s another I want to try. Bill isn’t much of a fan (shocking, I know!) so I can put in whatever veggies I want. Going to check out this recipe :)

  13. I wish I could find kohlrabi over here. Lovely salad! We’ve enjoyed it very much! I have to try the vinaigrette dressing the next time!

  14. Your slay veggie selection is FAB! This non-recipe of David’s is pretty amazing; just look at the variety of slaw all of us made!

  15. slay? SLAW ;)

  16. Betsy, your slaw looks great- wonderful idea for kohlrabi only salad. I am always at loss for how to use kohlrabi and adding the tarragon- yum!!! I am interested in the vinaigrette dressing, but had to do the garlic as we are such garlic lovers. I hope you enjoyed the 4th- Lexington seemed to have a lot of festivities!

  17. kolrabi makes the perfect summer salad, love everything about this Betsy! P.S. my husband does all the grilling too……

  18. You inspire me. I need to make more salads – and, not the just leafy green kind. I also liked this slaw for the same reasons – every vegetable sitting in your fridge works. I used kohlrabi also. Liked the creamy dressing better than the vinaigrette but both are delicious.

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