A New Project Afoot: Winter Salad {CtBF}


Last June, I finished a multi-year project of cooking through a cookbook (Dorie Greenspan’s Around My French Table).  Through the process, my cooking skills and recipe repertoire expectedly expanded.  Unexpectedly, as I compared notes with the other participants week after week about the recipes we prepared, my circle of friends expanded.  Through our shared experience, I met others from around the world who shared my passion for cookbooks and food and home cooking.  Even more unexpectedly, we found occasions to meet in person, bringing these friendships from the virtual world into the real one.

It’s been more than seven months since that project ended.  The friendships continued.  A handful of us joined Andrea, the Kitchen Lioness, in her Cottage Cooking Club, but many of us found that we missed sharing a common project and cooking together more regularly.  As 2016 kicked off, Katie, the Prof Who Cooks, jumped in to lead the charge and rally the troops to embark on a new project this week.  With “Cook the Book Fridays”, this group of cooking friends will start working our way through David Lebovitz’s My Paris Kitchen.  I am thrilled to have a regular date scheduled with my blogging friends again.

This week, we start off with a Winter Salad.  For this simple recipe, bâtons of Belgian endive are tossed with a thick Roquefort dressing.  Roquefort, a sheep’s milk blue cheese, has a strong yet smooth flavor.  It lacks the metallic aftertaste I find with many blue cheeses.  The bitter greens contrast with the creamy dressing for an interesting salad for this time of year.

I had some trouble envisioning how to cut the endive.  Cut it lengthwise, then lengthwise again?  I was assuming that all the layers would have fall apart with the first set of cuts. Fortunately, it made more sense as I went along.  Even with the root trimmed off, the first cut yielded slabs that could be cut lengthwise again to create the requisite bâtons.  Voilà!

Belgian Endive Batons

For the dressing, you mash the Roquefort into Greek yogurt, adding some zip with fresh lemon juice and some color with minced chives.  The recipe makes a generous amount.  I halved the entire recipe and still had half the dressing left over.

Roquefort Dressing

You really need to make this salad right before you eat it.  We didn’t finish it all, so I ate the rest for lunch the next day.  Not so good.  The endive became soft, and without its crisp texture, didn’t have the same appeal as the freshly made salad.

It might be sacrilege to suggest it, but this salad (and/or the leftover dressing) would be perfect alongside Buffalo chicken wings to enjoy while watching Sunday’s Super Bowl:  a French twist to an all-American event.  (Admittedly, the game won’t be tuned in at our house, though we will be enjoying chili and other Super Bowl appropriate snacks.  It’s not because the New England Patriots aren’t playing.  I’m just anti-football.)

If this salad sounds good to you, check out what my friends thought of it here.  Stay tuned every two weeks for my experience with another new recipe.  Due to copyright considerations, I don’t share the recipe on my blog.  You can find it on page 98 of David Lebovitz’s My Paris Kitchen.  Or feel free to drop me a line and I’ll share it with you.


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  1. So glad that Katie took this on. I’m planning on joining in when I can. This salad sounds wonderful and it’s good to know that halving the recipe still makes quite a bit of dressing.

  2. Yes, I halved this one as well and it was a LOT. My Greek yoghurt was SO thick – next time I would use plain yoghurt to make more of a “dressing”. This was like eating cheese flavoured yoghurt a bit! Happy to see you cooking along here! XX

  3. I halved the dressing and still had left over for to go with the buffalo chicken tenders I ate for dinner last night :-) Great minds and all that… Glad to be cooking along with you again.

    When I was ingredient hunting, couldn’t find Roquefort so used Gorgonzola dolce (which was delicious). Of course, when I was at the store last night guess what ingredient was prominently displayed where it wasn’t the week before….

  4. peggygilbey814628432

    Hi Betsy, I think the endive salad sounds brilliant with spicy chicken wings, a creative twist. Hope you enjoy your adventures with your friends in My Paris Kitchen (I am fond of this book, and Lebovitz too.) I’ll be looking forward to reading your recipes along the way. Have a terrific weekend!

  5. Yay, can’t wait to join you ladies again. I’ve actually already made this salad once before and plan to dust off my camera and make it again this weekend for the blog.

  6. I totally agree with you about this dressing being great with buffalo wings! I’m excited that the gang is getting together again!

  7. I am so happy we are all cooking together again! Hopefully it will help me be a better blogger (both as a writer AND a reader). I used the leftover dressing as a dip for cut up veggies, so I can totally picture using it for buffalo wings too.

  8. Hey, Partner, we’re back together again (although we never ventured far away from each other, did we) and I cannot tell you how pleased I am about that. So glad we are cooking with David’s book and even happier that Katie has picked up the Toque and is masterminding this group. I liked your salad. Like you, I had more Roquefort dressing then I needed, enough to feed a football team. Yeah, the leftovers would be great with chicken wings. I was anti-football before seeing “Concussion” and now am even more anti. For the first time this year, I watched the Broncos win last week and will probably watch this week. Wish I could enjoy chili with you.

  9. Hi Betsy, So nice to be blogging along with all my Dorista friends again! Your salad looks delicious…I used another green, endive was not a good choice at my grocery store.
    I halved the dressing because it was only me who would be eating it…I used it three times already and still have some left over. I agree with you about the wings…a perfect dressing.
    Happy Friday!

  10. You have a new blog look! I seem to be having some hiccups at mine, started today. Yeahh FFs are back and great to be here right at the beginning! Buffalo wings? good to know!

  11. Betsy, yay! I totally agree about it being good for the super bowl and was just thinking about running to the store to pick up some more blue cheese. In fact, even just serving a spoonful of thick dressing on top of endive spears is a great way to eat it, too, without all that pesky baton preparation. :) And thanks for the tip re leftovers. I had kept everything separate, prepping it à la minute for leftover night, and I’m glad to know not to try the other way.

  12. Hi Betsy! Isn’t this wonderful? Both the salad and the new group! So very exciting. I didn’t make it exactly as directed, but it was delicious. I love your idea for the remainder of the dressing! Hope you have been enjoying your weekend, my friend!

  13. Betsy, your salad looks so yummy. It is going to be such fun cooking together again, I love
    David’s recipes and have made a few of them. Each one is delicious, and I love reading
    all his stories, he really is quite funny.

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