Orange and olive salad {ffwd}

Orange and Olive Salad

I was unexpectedly under the weather this week, so was happy that this week’s recipe for French Fridays with Dorie turned out to be one of Dorie’s non-recipes. Not only was it super simple to put together, but without any planning on my part, I had all of the ingredients on hand. After last week’s tagine, this week’s orange and olive salad offers another glimpse into the tastes of Morocco.

As one might expect, I made a single serving because Howard had zero interest in this orange salad. All I needed was an orange, an onion, some olives, and olive oil. The orange is peeled and sliced. The onion first soaks in an ice bath to remove its bite. Then, all the ingredients are composed for a colorful, festive salad.

Simple Ingredients

If had were a better meal planner (2015 New Year’s Resolution?), this would have been a nice accompaniment to last week’s tagine. Alas, I just ate it as a side with our regular meal (roasted winter vegetable pot pie).

I wasn’t sold on this salad. The citrus was refreshing, but I might be in Howard’s camp on this one. The rest of the flavors didn’t meld for me. It could be because I used a yellow onion, which was all I had on hand. I’m not a fan of raw onions, and though Dorie’s taught me that an ice bath helps, I might have enjoyed red onion better. It would have added a nice touch of extra color as well.

To see what the other Doristas thought of this salad, check their links here. This hardly needs a recipe, but you can find it in Dorie Greenspan’s book Around My French Table.

I’m loving the Dorista holiday cards and recipes that arrive in my mailbox daily! Thanks to Alice for organizing this now-annual card exchange as a lovely way share holiday wishes with our cyber-friends (and in many cases, now, real friends). Whether I sent you a card or not, I wish you and your family a magical holiday season and a delicious new year in 2015. I look forward to continue cooking with you next year!

2014 Holiday Cards


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  1. I can’t wait to get home and see what cards have arrived. Gary brought me the ones from last week and I am enjoying them and a touch of home. Since I go home tomorrow I will make this salad and the lamb tagine either Sunday or Monday. Depends on how hard it is to find the lamb! I will remember your tip of using red onions! Happy Holidays to you and Howard!

  2. I spy a few fun cards I have received! I made just enough salad for myself as well. As a breakfast treat, it was interesting but I don’t see myself making it as a side dish for dinner.

  3. Very thin red onion is definitely the way to go on this one. I used the Grand Central oil on this one. Happy New Year to you Betsy…. it will be a fun finale.

  4. Hope you feel better, there is something going around here. Great salad. Happy Holidays!

  5. peggygilbey814628432

    Hi Betsy, Wishing you and all of your family, a healthy, and happy holiday season ahead!

  6. Bill and Howard missed out again! And I’m glad I wasn’t the only one who missed the obvious pairing of this salad with the tagine. Bill would have really gone hungry had I done that :) Merry Christmas, Betsy!!

  7. I knew when you mentioned that you were in Howard’s camp on this one, that is wasn’t a good sign. I do think that if you’d been feeling better, had used a red onion and served it with the tagine, you might have enjoyed it more. Even so, if Howard doesn’t like the citrus thing then I suspect you won’t try it again. My mouth was watering over the thought of roasted winter vegetable pot pie. That sounds delicious. I, too, am enjoying the holidays cards that I am receiving. Every year, nice memories.

  8. Yes, at this time of year, the non-recipes are life-savers. I wasn’t a fan of this one, but I am glad I tried it. Loved seeing all of your cards!

  9. Although I wasn’t nuts over this salad, I was happy it was an easy recipe. Hope you are feeling better, We both wish you and Howard a very happy holiday.

  10. Hope you have fully recovered by now, in time for the festive season. This was indeed easy and nice paired with duck!

  11. Sorry this one was not a favorite for you Betsy! I actually enjoyed it, but then I love the salty-sweet. I also made just enough for me…there was no way Bill would eat anything with raw onions!
    It has been such fun getting all the Christmas cards, recipes and the little surprise from Dorie this year! How very generous of her!
    Wishing you and Howard a Blessed and Happy Holiday!! xoxo

  12. Betsy, I do agree that red onion would’ve been better. We made it with cipolline onions and those were borderline problematic for our tastes. Love the photo of all those Christmas cards! I too have enjoyed receiving them and just got yours yesterday! Happy Holidays!!

  13. I didn’t make this because my husband and I are not fans of olives or raw onions. I do love citrus though. I am happy I made the sunchoke soup though. Happy Holidays!

  14. Oh no, I wasn’t expecting that outcome!
    I skipped the onion too – I haven’t been able to make myself like them raw yet.
    Merry Christmas, my friend.

  15. I was surprised at how much I enjoyed this salad – I even got Kevin to try it, and he liked it, too. What I was especially glad of was how easy it was. “Santa” did a great job of scheduling this one! Have a very Happy New Year, Betsy! I’m looking forward to the last few months of AMFT.

  16. I liked the salad, but I did find that the olives didn’t quite fit in.

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