green-as-spring stew {ffwd}

Spring Stew

Spring has finally arrived in New England, with a vengeance. I love this time of year with all the trees budding and flowering. The forsythia bloomed this week, and my magnolia is about to burst! The world is finally green.


This week’s recipe for French Fridays with Dorie is aptly named. We made Green-As-Spring Stew. The stew features long-simmered chunks of meat finished in a bright emerald green herbaceous sauce. The recipe is actually for a veal stew, but because we don’t usually eat veal, I used pork tenderloin instead. (An internet search for alternatives also suggested turkey.) It worked quite well.

Enriched Stock

The stew was quite simple. The meat cooks in chicken stock enriched with vegetables. After a long simmer, the vegetable solids are removed, but their flavors are left behind. The stock gets boiled down to further concentrate the flavor (why does this step always take so long???) Finally, a variety of greens and herbs are wilted in the stock before being pureed and mellowed with some tangy creme fraiche.

Mess o' Greens

At the very end, I added a can of artichoke hearts that I drained and quartered along with the remaining sugar snap peas from last week’s vegetables en papillote to give the meat some company.

The first night, I served the stew over couscous, but it worked better when I served it over egg noodles on Night #2.

Stew over Egg Noodles

I enjoyed the pure spring-y flavors of this stew. It was just what we needed after a VERY LONG winter that seemed like it would never end. I hope I remember to make this again next March to remind me that spring will arrive, eventually.

To see what my Dorista friends thought of their spring stews, check out their links here. The recipe can be found here and, of course, at its source, in Dorie Greenspan’s book Around My French Table.



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  1. I am so eager for spring flowers. I am hoping that by the Time I get back from Texas next week things will finally have caught up around here.
    I really wish I had tried this with turkey or pork. That sounds great.
    Have a great weekend

  2. Yeah, it’s actually a pleasure to be sniffing with spring allergies…everything is in blossom! Glad you enjoyed as did I. Bill was not on board…surprise, surprise ;)

  3. Pork tenderloin was a brilliant idea. I think better than turkey, because it has some fat. Love the idea of having it over noodles too…lighter than the potatoes I made.

  4. We enjoyed it over egg noodles too. I love your spring pictures.

  5. Look at your pretty spring photos – I was just a few weeks too early!

    Love the idea of this with pork tenderloin….

  6. You additions are brilliant. Stealing for next time. ;-)

  7. Spring had really sprung in your neck of the woods. I thought I was going to return to cold and snow in the Colorado mountains but it’s been beautiful. Unfortunately we are forecast for a big dump on Sunday. During this time of year, it melts quickly. Mud is so much fun. I liked this sauce more than I liked the stew and think it would be better just served with noodles/pasta. I like your add-ins. And, Betsy, after reading Liz’s post, I told her you were wrong and that we absolutely knew that the Thursday before Easter was known as Gründonnerstag, or Green Thursday in Germany. You don’t remember our discussing that at great length?????

  8. Your flowers look so beautiful. It’s always so fun to see the first signs of spring.

    I’m just making this now, using the veal chop I had in the freezer from when I never got around to making “the” veal chop. I have to say it smells delicious. We’ll see how it turns out! I’m happy to find that everyone seems to love the sauce.

    We’re having a chilly, blustery, rainy day in northern AZ, perfect for this. Though here that just means that all of the flowers, herbs and tomatoes I just planted are saying “yay! real water!!”. It’s funny how we all have different points of view – love the rain after several days in the mid-upper 90s! Ha. Weather fit for a stew!

  9. Hi Betsy! I am so happy that spring has finally arrived to you! We have been in spring mode for a few weeks now and sometimes it even feels like summer! I am glad you liked the veal and I think I will put it in the programme for next week!

  10. Egg noodles sounds good! This was nice if one have it in small portions… !

  11. Spring is a lovely time of year! Now that all that snow is gone, flowers are popping up all over. My lilacs are turning green and have many buds. This stew was quite delicious once you got past the color. Glad you enjoyed it…it was a wonderful welcome to spring!

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