baby bok choy, sugar snaps and garlic en papillote {ffwd}

Veggies en Papillote

“En papillote” or in parchment is a technique that I’ve tried a few times before for French Fridays with Dorie. Each time, I marvel at its brilliance, and then promptly forget it about it until the next “en papillote” recipe gets selected. Well, this week, we’re making Baby Bok Choy, Sugar Snaps and Garlic en Papillote. Once again, en papillote made me smile.

The recipe name kind of says it all. Spring vegetables are sealed up in foil packets along with some orange zest and sprigs of mint. One packet for each person is baked, allowing the vegetables to steam in their own juices, infusing with the orange and mint flavors.

I liked the combination of vegetables: the baby bok choy with the peas, baby onions, and sliced garlic. It was so lovely to enjoy fresh sugar snap peas. My only complaint was that I wasn’t completely sold on the orange zest or the mint. I might have preferred lemon and chives or thyme.

Bok Choy

I served the veggies as a side to baked chicken with artichokes and couscous, but it would have been good with anything.

Hopefully, I remember this easy technique over the summer. We’ve got plenty of vegetables coming when our CSA starts up in June.

To see what the other Doristas thought about their en papillote, check out their links here. We don’t post the recipes, but you can find it in Dorie Greenspan’s book Around My French Table.


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  1. Betsy, a recipe we all seem to have enjoyed – your little package and the veggies look wonderful. I like that you served baked chicken with these – we went with little lamb chops, not bad either.
    Wishing you a nice long Easter weekend!

  2. A win for Howard! I’m so impressed! Happy Easter, my friend!!!

  3. I liked this too Batsy, although I did skip the mint. I first tried cooking in a bag via Jamie Oliver.

  4. Baked chicken with artichokes. Mmmmm

    I liked the orange zest and wanted there to be more in the dish.

    Happy Easter, Betsy!

  5. Aren’t we forgetful? Last night I made the last of this bok choy for dinner but also did up a second packet with fingerling potatoes (with garlic and some herbs in the packet for the ride) and they turned out great. I’ll probably forget about that too.

  6. I thought this was pretty yummy, and like (seemingly) everyone else, I forget about this method – though it’s a good one. Your vegetables look beautiful!!

  7. This sounds great for your CSA veggies!

  8. I left out the mint because I wasn’t sold on the idea of it either. I’m glad you liked it otherwise. Definitely a technique to remember!

  9. So true this really could go with any light protein dish. Lemon chives and thyme sounds delicious too.

  10. Yum, I have been eating artichokes weekly since they started showing up in the market about a month ago. I can’t get enough of them this time of year. And I did lemon zest and mint and loved it. But I tend to like mint in my savory dishes.

  11. I would love to be involved in a CSA but all the coops are down valley which is really inconvenient. I don’t know why I forget about this steaming methodl either – it’s so easy and so good. I liked the mint and orange but also would be fine with lemon and chives or thyme. Since I am back in Colorado and noticed that Whole Foods does have bok chop, I am going to try this again soon. I envy you your garden.

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