ffwd: goat cheese & strawberry tartine

On Bagels

I love cheese. It’s my favorite food. I like any kind of cheese, though goat cheese is a top choice. If you remember, earlier in the year, I experimented with making my own. I did buy it for this recipe.

I love strawberries. Well, do you know anyone who doesn’t love strawberries. They cry out “Summer is here!” They aren’t quite in season locally, but soon.

I love bread, especially crusty artisan bread, but any bread. I learned about bread eating from my dad. He always said I would make a good prisoner because I am often content eating good bread and drinking water.

This week’s recipe for French Fridays with Dorie was another “whisper” of a recipe, but these three key ingredients. Goat Cheese and Strawberry Tartine says it all. An open-faced sandwich: crusty bread spread with goat cheese, topped with sliced strawberries, drizzled with balsamic vinegar and sprinkled with freshly ground black pepper.

I made the recipe twice this week. The first time, I made the tartine with big diagonal slices of a crusty baguette. I ate a plateful of tartine as a light supper. It was over 90 degrees out, so with no cooking required was perfect. With a glass of cold white wine, this fit the bill.

On baguette

The second time, I topped a toasted poppy seed bagel with goat cheese and strawberries, thought I left off the pepper and vinegar because it was morning. It brought together all the necessary breakfast food groups: bread, cheese, and fruit.

This was so simple, but so good. I think I’ll enjoy this combination again when the strawberries are at their peak, especially for breakfast.

I won’t even bother to find a link for the recipe because it’s self-explanatory. If you want to read about other Doristas’ tartines, check their links here.

Here’s to strawberry season!


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  1. Two wonderful options! I’m going to try these for breakfast, too :)

  2. I thought this was wonderful too. Perfect with a crisp glass of wine. You are so right on about it being a great recipe for warm weather. It’s supposed to be 112 this weekend, so this could easily show up again!

  3. Ok – random, unconnected comments to follow…
    Actually, I do know one person who doesn’t like strawberries. I am very suspicious of him…
    I am so looking forward to strawberry season – come to momma!
    It was in the 90’s here last weekend. Its been in the 40’s to 60’s this week and rain galore. I wonder what next week will bring :-)

  4. I love bagels, what a great idea!
    (Can’t believe you made your own goat’s cheese, so impressed).

  5. trevorsisboom

    Had I not already planned something this would have easily been my entire dinner. Just had one with my coffee just now too. I’m in love.

  6. Funny you put it on bagels my kids hoped at first that I used cream cheese to make the tartine, but they knew that just wouldn’t be French. Have fun at your reunion.

  7. Helyn Benjamin

    Hi. Looks and sounds yummy. Lots of rain and chilly today. Hope tomorrow is better. Xxxxxxxx

    Sent from my iPad

  8. I might have to have this on a bagel for breakfast, tomorrow. Great idea! Enjoy your reunion.

  9. my strawberries were “dizzyingly” aromatic but weren’t at the peak of their ripeness either. but i quite liked it that way as the balsamic vinegar also gave a hint of sweetness.

  10. Ooh, bagels. Bet that was good. I loved this one too and already bought the ingredients to make it again.

  11. I’ve already made this twice for breakfast, since I made the original. It’s a perfect breakfast for me with my cup of tea! What could be more perfect or simple. Love the way your bagels look…a perfect way to eat a bagel!

  12. triciaandnana

    A bagel- genius ! Gosh we loved this one in our house. So simple and yet I can say with 100% certainty that I would not have combined these ingredients were it not for Dorie’s “whisper” of a recipe. And loved that your Dad said you would make a good prisoner- that is just hilarious. Hope you enjoyed your reunion ! Tricia

  13. Oh, Betsy, I’ve already seen your Reunion pix on Facebook. You are having a whole lotta fun, Girl. Yeah, everything about this was delicious, simple, and said Summer. Substituting a bagel, hitting all the food groups, a delicious breakfast, was genius. I am doing that tomorrow because I have leftovers AND a bagel on hand. Betsy, your Dad was wrong. You would make a terrrrrible prisoner.

  14. Wasn’t this such a delightful surprise? I love that you used bagels.

  15. Betsy, goodness, I missed your lovely link last Friday – so sorry, do not know where time went but I wanted to let you know that I am craving your bagel version of the strwberry tartine right now, sounds awfully good to me! Nice presention of both your version!
    Have a wonderful Wednesday – sorry, again, about the “delay” in commenting!

  16. I like both your baguette and bagels ;-) I am such a bread lover and all I need is just a little temptation in the way of strawberries and soft goat cheese to bring home a bag of bagels!

  17. Love strawberry season! Great bagel tartine!

  18. love the toasted bagels! :) gives me new ideas for breakfast!

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