ffwd: swiss chard pancakes

Pancake Dinner

This week’s recipe for French Fridays with Dorie was Swiss chard pancakes. We’re making these at the end of April, but based on the color alone, these savory emerald green pancakes would be perfect to serve on St. Patrick’s Day.

The batter was simple to mix up. All the ingredients, except the Swiss chard, are combined together in the blender. Then the chard is added. The blender was really full, so I was concerned that I should have done this in batches, but, no worries, the greens condensed down in an instant. Dorie suggested not to pulverize the chard, leaving some texture, but my blender did not cooperate.

Blender of Batter

The pancakes are fried in a skillet. I found them a bit greasy, and my kitchen still smells has remnants of that oily aroma of a diner. I think I should have cooked them on the electric griddle instead, as we do breakfast pancakes. In that case, no oil is required.

Frying Away

These can be served as a starter, though Dorie says the French typically serve them for a main meal, which is what I did. On one night, the pancakes were accompanied with a bowl of white bean soup, on the second night, with a green salad.

Dinner #1

My feeling on these was pure ambivalence, which Howard echoed. They were pretty on the plate, but just not that interesting. Even with all the savory ingredients (onion, shallot, parsley, chives, and, of course, the chard), they were rather bland and flavorless. That’s fine. Not everything that reads tasty on the page will translate on the tongue. There are plenty more recipes to try. Onward to next week!

To check out whether the other Doristas enjoyed these more than I did, follow their links here. If you are interested, you can find the recipe in Dorie Greenspan’s book Around My French Table.


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  1. “pure ambivalence” – oh dear :-( I hope May leaves you feeling more inspired.

    I do think these benefited from a heavy hand with the seasonings.

    P.S. Spring is finally on its way :-)

  2. Based on the photos I have seen so far, you and I may have been the only ones who actually used all the oil called for in the recipe. Everyone else seems to have done them simply as one would normal breakfast pancakes. And frankly, theirs look better so I think I should have done the same. Maybe I would have liked them better. All in all, I think that you could have written my post this week.

  3. I agree with Cher: these needed a lot of seasoning to give them a flavor boost. They need all the flavor help they can get! Yours came out so vividly green! Pretty, if not overly tasty.

  4. I used as little oil as possible with mine and I think that was better. I also agree with Cher that lots of seasonings were needed in the batter. I enjoyed these, though Kevin refused to eat them after one bite.

    May looks like it’s going to be a month of good recipes.

  5. Yes, you were too good and followed Dorie’s directions too well… I think you will find them lighter with less oil. I mixed the batter by hand. I think the blender or a food processor over mixes it. Mine was filling, but the pancakes fluffed up when I fried them.

  6. I really enjoyed these…I used less oil than suggested. Yours do look lovely along with your salad! Sorry these were not a winner for you!

  7. I didn’t expect to like these as much as I did, but they are best hot from the pan or served with some sort of topping as an appetizer. I enjoyed the crepe version as well with a side of scrambled eggs – almost like a healthy tortilla on the side. I have no idea why the recipe called for so much oil either.

  8. Betsy, your Swiss chard pancakes look wonderful although you did not enjoy them that much – but, as you said, there are many other wonderful recipes coming up. May is such a wonderful month and two of my girls are going to be celebrating their birthdays, one of them chose the Poulet Diable that we made a few weeks back for her birthday dinner – makes me happy.

  9. We seem to be in the minority this week, but I had the exact same opinion on these! I could barely taste the onion, shallots, herbs, etc….Oh well. Hopefully next week’s recipe will be better.

  10. I think I made mine over-garlicky. Great post!

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