Bee is for Betsy

After a decade of reading and daydreaming, I’m finally taking the plunge. I bought a beehive! I have a cool new hat with a protective veil and a smoker. I still have to finish assembling the supers and the frames, but I’m getting geared up.

I took a beekeeping class a couple of years ago, but walked away intimidated. Earlier this month, Nancy Mangion of Beekeepers Warehouse gave an inspiring talk at my garden club. I was convinced that this is the year to try my hand at beekeeping. I’m definitely a little nervous, but excitement outweighs the trepidation.

The bees arrive at the end of April. Stay tuned for more buzz about my latest project as it unfolds.

Betsy with Nancy


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  1. It will be fun to see how it goes! I have often thought it would be a great thing to do! Good luck!!!!

  2. How exciting! This is one of Mia’s obsessions. She has a beekeeping handbook if you want to borrow it. Just let me know via regular email (so I won’t miss it).

  3. Wow, I can’t wait to see the updates on this adventure. Hat’s off (or maybe in this case, hat’s on…) to you!

  4. I don’t know what it is, but something about beekeeping fascinates me. Really looking forward to hearing all about this new venture.

  5. Yay, Betsy! I’m glad you’re taking the plunge into beekeeping, so I can watch (from afar) and see how it goes. Maybe your bees will visit my yard. Now if you’ll just keep chickens I can further live vicariously my fantasies of bees and fresh eggs.

  6. Stephanie Kay

    Yikes!! Good luck to you. I’ll anxiously await the details.

  7. I am so excited for you, Betsy! You will have such adventures to share with us for sure. Can’t wait to hear more.

  8. How exciting! I think that this will be a wonderful new adventure for you and I am looking forward to reading updates. Congrats for taking this on despite your trepidation. I’m sure that it will be a success.

  9. Nancy Strausman

    Pretty exciting…let me know how it goes. Miss you! Sue’s mom

  10. Wow! How cool is that…I have always been interested in raising bees! Wishing you the very best on your new adventure!

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