Restaurant Review: Sweet Cheeks Q

I love barbeque. Of course, I’m completely spoiled because Howard has a genuine Klose smoker from Texas and makes some very fine meat. However, when you find amazing barbeque out, you have to take advantage, especially in the winter months when Howard’s smoker rests under a tarp.

Last fall, I read about Sweet Cheeks Q, which was going to open soon in Boston, near Fenway. One evening, after an afternoon spent in Boston, we stopped by for an early dinner. The restaurant turned out to have been open for only two weeks. What an wonderful surprise. I have to admit that we’ve returned 3 times since November. Twice for dinner and once for lunch.

This is Texas-style barbeque, rubbed with flavor and smoked long and slow. It’s served without sauce, but the meat plates are served with slices of white bread that fill with meat, pickles and onions, and slide through the sauce of your choice: tomato, vinegar, or hot.

So far, we’ve tried the pork belly, pulled pork, brisket, and ribs. They were all tender and lovely, though I think the brisket is my favorite. I’m not a big fan of brisket, but Sweet Checks Q brisket sold me. All the meat is from local farms, sustainably raised, just like what we try to eat at home.

As much as I’ve enjoyed the meat, I think it’s worth the trip to Sweet Cheeks simply for the sides. The two that I think are to die for are: Cita’s broccoli cheese casserole and the farm salad. Cita is the chef’s mother and the casserole is a mix of tender broccoli and a sort of puffy cheese mixture. The farm salad is seared Brussels sprout leaves and arugula tossed with candied hazelnuts, cooked faro, and grapes and a shallot vinaigrette. I could eat an entire bowl of just salad. The mac and cheese is pretty good too, similar to the broccoli casserole with noodles for the veg.

Leftovers have come home with us on all our trips so far, but on our latest visit, we finally tried dessert. We got the giant nutter butter which is a large peanut butter cookie that everyone at the table shared .

I don’t like to take pictures of my food in restaurants, so you’ll have to visit and see for yourself. So, before the Red Sox season opens, I strongly suggest you get yourself over to Sweet Cheeks and try it out. Get there early. On our two dinner visits, we arrived ridiculously early (before 5:30 pm) and the restaurant was packed by 6 pm. You won’t be disappointed, I promise.


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  1. sounds like a linton must!

  2. I have not had dinner yet and now I am craving barbecue big time! I have yet to find a good barbecue place here. It sounds like a great place and those sides also sound delicious, especially the broccoli cheese casserole. Thank you so much for your well wishes, Betsy. I am doing better this week and John has let me back into the kitchen.:) I am keeping my fingers crossed that you get the Baking with Julia book and join us – it’s only a couple of Tuesdays a month. You’ll enjoy it…:)

  3. I went there when we visited my friends over Thanksgiving! There was quite the wait, so we ordered the biscuits to share while hanging out at the bar. I had the broccoli casserole and the market salad with the short ribs. I think I enjoyed the broccoli even more than the meat! We tried to sneak a picture of Tiffani Faison (the Top Chef alumn/chef de cuisine) but it came out a little blurry. :-)

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