Wolf Moon

Wolf Moon over the Old Res, Lexington, MA

Howard’s away this week, so I’m on full dog duty. Each morning, as the sun is coming up, and the moon is going down, Bella and I go to for a walk, going by the neighborhood elementary school and through the woods around the old reservoir (now swimming or skating pond, depending on the season).

There was a slight dusting of snow last night, and, this morning, we had a magical walk in the light of the setting Wolf Moon.

(Apologies for the blurry photo. It’s challenging to take a picture with your phone while the dog is pulling on her leash.)


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  1. Love the photo…there is something magical about a dusting of snow…everything gleams in the light of the moon!

  2. great pic!!!

  3. It looks like it was a magical walk. So beautiful. Thank you for sharing it with us!

  4. hi. moon was beautiful here also. picked up phyllis at airport yesterday & she mentioned snow dusting. coolish but sun is warm. love to you & bella, helyn

  5. Came looking for the brioche and I saw this lovely shot of the moon ! Your brioche looks lovely as well. Neat to know about the bread proofing option on your oven. I teased Nana about what a nutter I must have looked like carrying my rising brioche up to my second floor home office to rise. The kitchen was just too drafty.We both loved this recipe and will make it again for sure. And loved the shot of Bella eating that challah :)

  6. Lovely picture! Wandered by here and was pleasantly surprised to see this. I can almost hear the crunch of gravel under shoes, and nothing else except a quiet moon :)

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