New Year Doubts

Happy New Year 2012!

Lately, I’ve been debating about whether to continue with my blog. On the one hand, I love to cook and eat. Having my blog as an outlet to share my successes and failures and other discoveries makes me happy. On the other hand, I feel more and more like I’m not putting enough time into it and that it’s hard to make more time. I’ve been pretty reliable about keeping up with the on-line cooking group I joined (French Fridays with Dorie), but I feel it’s somewhat at the expense of blogging about my other kitchen adventures. I have them, but then I forget to take a picture or two. Or I’m busy and after a few days, it seems like I’ve lost the momentum to write about that particular topic. Or I can’t think of something to write about.

I don’t believe in making New Year’s resolutions, but I thought I’d set some blogging goals for myself in 2012. Last week, I told Howard my goal was to write something every day. It didn’t have to be long, or well illustrated, or even about food, but I would put something out there every day. Well, you can see how well I’m doing with that. It’s January 4th, and this is my first post. Maybe I’d be better off with a more realistic goal for frequency.

As far as content, I’ve seen some bloggers have different themes for different days of the week. That idea is appealing. Fridays can continue to be French Fridays, but then other days could have different themes, depending on which days I end blogging. And because I don’t have a strong allegiance to resolutions, if I feel inspired to change the rules, I can.

If you’re a blogger, why do you blog? Where do you get your inspiration? Do you feel a need to post with a certain frequency or just when the mood strikes you? I’m curious about what you think.


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  1. Hi Betsy, I have a few thoughts on this blogging subject…I like what you wrote about writing every day and keeping a schedule or even a theme to days that are your own, not part of a group, like FFWD. I find inspiration from the blogs I follow but sometimes it’s difficult to keep the enthusiasm for the blog going, let’s face it, blogging takes time and commitment on almost a daily basis. I think it’s rewarding and an outlet for creativity but my enthusiasm comes and goes. I don’t blog or even take pictures of most of the things I cook, it just doesn’t always interest me so I try to pick a day when I’m going to make and photograph something for my blog to make it stand out or feel special for blogging. I hope this was helpful, I’ve followed so many blogs I’ve enjoyed that are now just floating in cyberspace without anyone at the helm, I hope you stick around for while longer, hugs, Patty

  2. Happy New Year, Betsy!

    I’ve been feeling a little behind myself. I think that’s normal for this time of year. I love blogging because I have a pretty technical job working for the Navy and my blog gives me a creative outlet. I love food, writing, photography & graphic design, so it’s a natural fit for me. Although I don’t post as often as I’d like to, I think it’s important to keep at it.

    Initially, I thought my blog would create a record for my family and encourage my sister-in-law to cook, but it’s grown far beyond that now. I’ve developed a wonderful on-line rapport with several other bloggers and am encouraged to try new things all the time. I love the supportive and positive feedback from all of you, too. Maybe, someday when I’m not working full-time, I’ll create and publish a cookbook. But, in answer to your question, I think it’s a matter of passion. Can you imagine not blogging? Is it keeping you from doing other things you’d rather do?

    One thing I’ve noticed is that many of us are perfectionists – and while I may get frustrated for not getting just the right photo at the right time, my readers don’t know that. I say give yourself a break. Maybe even take a break from blogging & see if you miss it. I know I would.

    All that being said, I had to throw out my Brioche dough yesterday because it never rose! I think I go the milk too hot – it happens to all of us!

  3. I too have been feeling like my recently started blog (only 5 months old) has been neglected. Realistically, with a full time job and other responsibiliites I can’t blog every day. And honestly, I don’t read other blogs daily either…I like to read things when someone has something new or interesting to share – not just blogging for the sake of putting something up. I think you have to decide what your goals and purpose is in blogging. Mine was to have some fun and share recipes, provide some information about food and ingredients. If it becomes a chore, or you are doing it becasue you feel guilty, my feeling is that the fun has gone out of it. If you have more of a professional purpose in mind, then maybe setting a daily goal is more appropriate. I agree with Susan’s comments about perfectionism; it shouldn’t stop us from doing things we enjoy, and while everyone loves to look at beautifull “perfect” postings, many of the blogs I’m drawn to look like things I could actually make at home.

  4. I have your RSS feed in Google Reader, so I’ll see all your posts whatever schedule you keep.

    Posts that aren’t about food would be totally fine with me.

  5. Betsy, I so enjoy reading about your culinary adventures; I cook and eat vicariously through you! But I imagine that it takes up a lot of time as well as mental energy. I like Patty’s idea – that the blog postings could be about a special event or meal that is news-worthy and thus let go of the slavery to the weekly deadline. Who knows; you might wind up with two posts in a week – a meal at a new restaurant on a Saturday night and then trying to make boozy rum cake on a Tuesday night? Caroline

  6. I love reading your blog Betsy. It makes me feel connected to you even with you so far away. But don’t do it if it is a chore. Life is too short and your free time to precious to be bogged (or should we say “blogged”) down by a hobby!! Love ya.

  7. Patty, Susan and Tasty Mayhem, Thank you so much for your helpful and thoughtful comments. I appreciate you taking time to share your thoughts with me. As fellow food bloggers, it’s encouraging to know I’m not the only one that goes through phases on blogging. I think this my first “rut” I’ve felt in the 2+ years I’ve been going. I particularly liked Patty’s thought on a special and interesting cooking experience specifically to blog about, making it more special, Susan’s thought on letting up a bit on the perfectionism one expects of oneself, and Tasty Mayhem’s realistic perspective that blogging along with holding down a full-time job and living the rest of life, it should stay fun. Reflecting on your comments, I don’t think it is a chore at all, more of a hobby that has to share space with a multitude of other hobbies. You’ve given me new food for thought (bad pun, I know) as I go forward.

  8. David, Caroline, and my sister Jane, thank you for your comments. You remind me that the reason I started blogging was for fun, and once I got going, and my friends and family were reading along, it was a way to share my passion and another way to stay connected to friend and family with busy lives. Knowing you feel the connection on your end too is encouraging. Thanks for your continued support.

  9. As long as you have something to say, go for it! Your plateful of happiness includes more than food, so feel free too indulge into other topics if you’d like to write about them. I think most bloggers have experienced creative dry spells – we just need to find our muse and get motivated. In my case, I guess that’s why I do all these little blog makeovers every couple of months.

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