Wow! A Stylish Blogger Award

Two weeks ago, I was most pleasantly surprised with a Stylish Blogger Award, my first, from Allison of French Whisk. Like me, Allison blogs along with French Fridays with Dorie (FFwD).

I mostly write as a diversion for myself, though it’s out there in cyberspace, so it’s not private. It is fun to be recognized by another blogger. I know that my sisters and other family and friends follow my blog, but it’s nice to know that there are other people that actually read my blog.

Participating in FFwD, I’ve discovered so many wonderful (new-to-me) food blogs. I’m really enjoying getting to know others who are as passionate about cooking as I am. Each week, I am awed by the creativity and skill of my fellow cooks. I also enjoy a glimpse into others’ cooking adventures which always uncovers new recipes and ideas about what and how to eat.

I often smile when I read something on someone else’s blog that I might have written myself. I enjoy the comments, both making them and receiving them, though I haven’t quite mastered the art of “conversation” in the blogosphere.

So here’s the way this award works:

Rule #1: Thank the person. I left a comment for Allison immediately, but I wanted to give a big public thank you to her, now that I’m finally pulling this post together. Check out her blog French Whisk to read about her adventures dreaming about France and cooking in Vancouver.

Rule #2: Share 7 things about yourself. Here goes:

• I work in high tech, writing software, but once I’m away from the office, I am very low-tech. The things I like best, after cooking, are knitting, gardening, and reading.

• I’m a native of the DC suburbs of Maryland, transplanted to New England. I came here for college and just never left. I almost moved to Chicago. It’s why I got married when I did, but we didn’t end up going.

• I have a HUGE cookbook collection, over 400 volumes and growing (see picture of two shelves in the header of my blog). It’s like the shoe addiction some women have. My husband constantly threatens teases that he’s going to get rid of them all.

• My dog Bella keeps me laughing. She’s a devil dog. Part chow and part shepherd, we adopted her from a shelter about 18 months ago. She’s about 5 years old and originally from Indiana. Her antics are hilarious.


• I’m not an early bird or a night owl (even though I wake up relatively early). I’m an afternoon-to-evening person, peaking between 3 and 9 p.m. Why don’t they have a name for that?

• My favorite place on Earth is Acadia National Park in Maine.

• I fantasize about living on a small farm, with chickens, goats, and bees. I can’t decide whether to make it a reality or keep it as a dream.

Rule #3: Share 15 blogs you enjoy reading. Here’s my list, in no particular order. I’ve discovered all of these through FFwD. It was hard to list just 15. I know that some of these have already received this award, but I wanted to list my favorites without winnowing out previous winners. They all deserve the kudos.

1. Steph @ Jumping Off the Cliff
2. Cher @ Crazy World of Cher
3. Trix @ Tasty Trix
4. Teresa @ One Wet Foot
5. Yummy Chunklet
6. Of Cabbages and Kings
7. Audrey @ Food From Books
8. Mardi @ eat. live. travel. write.
9. Beth @ The Screen Porch
10. Sanya @ The Good Life
11. 1840 Farm
12. Candy @ Dessert by Candy
13. Josefa @ Eat in the Middle
14. Mary @ Popsicles and Sandy Feet
15. Lizzy @ That Skinny Chick Can Bake

Rule #4: Let the bloggers know that you have bestowed the Stylish Blogger Award upon them, which I have done.

Again, thanks to Allison at French Whisk for brightening my day!

And Happy Valentine’s Day to all!


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  1. Congratulations on your award Betsy! Blog on, friend, your adventures and observations are always a pleasure to read!

  2. Congratulations! Like I told you once, you write well – feels almost like I’m in the kitchen watching you cook :)

  3. I really enjoy your blog, it makes me feel like I’ve come home!
    Congrats, you deserve it and thanks for sharing it an making my day!

  4. Congratulations, Betsy!!! A well-deserved honor!

    And thanks for leaving such a sweet comment on my blog and for the honor of a Stylish Blogger award! I’ve enjoyed following along with you on Fridays…we have such a lovely bunch of blogger friends from FFwD! So nice getting to know you a little better (your cookbook shelves look much like mine…and I just want to give your furry Bella a big kiss!!!). Happy Tuesday!!!

  5. Betsy – congrats! I agree – the FFwD crowd is pretty awesome.
    And thank you for the shout out. I love your cookbook collection, by the way. (I always wondered if those were all your books – I only have about 1/4 that amount… sigh.)

  6. Thanks so much for the blogging award. I was having a horrible, rotten, very bad, awful day and your award made it sunnier. Thanks. I can’t wait to dig in and read your blog!

  7. Thank you so much for passing on the award to me! And, congratulations for receiving one as well! It’s much deserved.

  8. Hey, Betsy! Congrats on this award! I thoroughly enjoy reading your blog and will look at some of the others you’ve recommended!!!

  9. It is always a welcome suprise when someone I have never met completely saves me from what was a horrific day. Thank you so much for passing along a Stylish Blogger Award to me. I have read your blog through FFwD and have thoroughly enjoyed it. It thrills me to think that a writer like you has enjoyed reading my blog.

    You happen to live in one of my favorite towns-Lexington, MA. Just typing it makes my mouth water at the thought of a fabulous espresso at Peets! Thanks again. I really appreciate it and can’t wait to pass it on to the next deserving bloggers!

    Jen @ 1840 Farm

  10. Congratulations to my big sister! She is amazing! Glad to see she is recognized by others outside those of us who know how great she is!

  11. Congratulations on your award! It’s well-deserved. I enjoy reading your blog, especially the way you weave stories about your life and thoughts into your posts about cooking projects. Thank you so much for passing the award on to me, as well. It really made my day!

  12. Thanks for your congratulations.
    To my family and friends for continuing to read my ramblings, thanks for your sweet comments. You’ve been there from the beginning.
    To Sanya, Mary, Cher, Liz, yummychunklet, Jen @ 1840Farm and Teresa, I’m so glad to be in such good company. I enjoy reading all of your blogs!

  13. betsy- congrats on the award. I always enjoy reading your blog-even as a noncooker I am always inspired by your meals and how you add that personal touch to everything you cook!! Even though I still don’t cook I definitely feel the need to eat better after reading your recipes….. xxoo sheryl

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