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French Fridays with Dorie: Paris Mushroom Soup

To me, the difference between a raw mushroom and a cooked mushroom is transformational. I don’t care for raw mushrooms. My husband Howard eats them whole, as a snack, but that has no appeal for me. I like cooked mushrooms just fine, cooked any number of ways. I like them sautéed, stuffed, sliced, roasted, as long as they’re cooked. Oh, I forgot soup. I like them in soup.

In January, for French Fridays with Dorie, we’re back to everyone making the same recipe every week. This week, the recipe is Paris Mushroom Soup, a creamless creamy mushroom soup, poured over a fresh herby mushroom salad in the bowl. As I said, I like cooked mushrooms, but not raw, so this recipe presented a bit of challenge for me. However, one of the things I like about this cooking group is the chance to take a leap of faith sometimes and learn about something new. It could be a new technique, a new ingredient, or a new flavor combination. You never know what it will be.

I waited until Friday to make this recipe and got home from work later than expected, so I wasn’t sure it would come together. However, this soup is a quick one, definitely suitable for a weeknight dinner. The soup was ready in just under an hour. While it simmered, I had enough time to wash the pots and pans, and put together the raw mushroom salad I mentioned.

I made this soup pretty much as written. I found homemade turkey stock in the freezer, so used that instead of the chicken stock. The chopping went quickly. When I have to slice a lot of mushrooms, I use the food processor. I cut them in half, load up the chute, and run them through the slicer blade. It’s fast! I usually chop onions by hand (well, with my knife), but the food processor was already in use, so I made quick work of the onions too.


Didn't like

I liked, but did not love, the soup. I liked how creamy it was, even though there was no cream. What about the raw mushroom salad? Not so much. I did try, but I couldn’t get past those raw mushrooms. What I did like were the fresh flavors of the herbs in the salad: chives, scallions, parsley. And while I won’t put the mushroom salad in my next bowl of soup, I will garnish the bowl with the same herby flavors. That’s what I mean about learning something new with each recipe I try.

I was going to make sandwiches to go with the soup, but because of my late start, we snacked on chips and guacamole instead while I made the soup. Then, we just ate bowls of soup with some warm crusty bread. Maybe when we have leftovers for lunch tomorrow, sandwiches will be on the menu.

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