Bird Watching

We have house guests this week. Sparkie and Chirpie, a pair of Society finches, are staying with us while my friend April is away for school vacation. They have visited before. This is their first stay since we got Bella.

While April was getting the birds and their cage settled in our living room, Bella noticed there were new critters in the house.

Bella was extremely curious about them, and she got very excited, actually a little too excited. I had to relocate the birds to a room with a door. Now Bella’s new diversion is lying in wait, listening to them chirp…

(April, don’t worry, I’m keeping them safe.)


Posted on 23 April 2010, in Bella. Bookmark the permalink. 1 Comment.

  1. The birds made it home safe and sound, thanks Betsy! Never a dull moment with Bella, eh? She’s an inquisitive one.

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