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tuesdays with dorie / baking with julia: oasis naan

In my continuing quest to find bread recipes that fit into a working girl’s schedule, this week’s selection for Tuesdays with Dorie/Baking with Julia, Oasis Naan, fit the bill.

This is a flatbread with savory toppings. The flour canister was emptier than I expected, so I made half a recipe. Four breads would be enough for our household of two anyway.

It was easy enough to mix up and knead in the morning before work. No machinery was required for this one, a completely unplugged recipe. I stirred yeast into warm water, then added flour and salt gradually until the dough was stiff.

Dough Before Kneading

Then, I “vigorously” kneaded the dough, adding flour until it was smooth and elastic and a whole lot less sticky that when I started. I needed to add more flour than called for, but perhaps that was due to the humid weather. At that point, I set the dough in the refrigerator to rise while I was at work.

Dough After Kneading, Before Rising

After work, first thing, I took the bowl out of the fridge to warm up. Then I put my pizza stone in the oven and let it heat up to a high temperature. The dough was divided and rolled between my hands into four balls. Then, with the rolling pin, I rolled the each ball into a 6-inch disk. Each disk was moistened, and then, “with determination”, I used a fork to prick the center of each one. Finally, I sprinkled each bread with kosher salt, chopped scallions, and some seeds. The recipe gave the option of cumin or caraway. I had both on hand, so, for the first round, I made one of each I preferred the cumin, so the last two were topped with cumin seeds.

I have never mastered the art of using the floured back of a baking sheet as a baking peel. My doughs did not slide, but stuck, to the baking sheet. I had to use a spatula to help transfer. My breads lost their round shape in the process. This method also lacked precision. I was baking two at a time, and they ended up touching, both times. If you have any tips on how to make this work, I’d love to learn.

So, the verdict? I like how easy this was and enjoyed the taste. To be honest, I was a little disappointed at how puffy it was because I was expecting a flatter flatbread. Mine was more like pizza dough. Perhaps I didn’t use enough determination to flatten the center of my bread. I’ll be checking out the other links to see how to improve my technique. You can too here at the Tuesdays with Dorie “Leave Your Link” post for this recipe.