A Decade of Delicious {CtBF} #EverydayDorie

I’m so excited about this week’s recipe from Everyday Dorie for Cook the Book Fridays. On the surface, Miso-Glazed Salmon sounded interesting, but not necessarily game-changing. The marinade was simple to mix up: miso paste, honey, soy sauce and lemon juice. My miso paste was a bit old, so it took some effort to smooth it out but not that much. Spread the paste over individually sized salmon fillets to marinate at least an hour. When it’s time for dinner, the salmon goes into the oven for just 10 minutes.

Depending on your sides, you might have to start them before you cook the fish. I made jasmine rice and fluffed some sliced scallions into it after it was done. One night, we had leftover roasted broccoli. The second night, I tried these fast and delicious green beans.

I loved this. Usually, we grill or broil salmon, but roasted, the texture was lovely. I’ll be adding this variation to the rotation. I’m imagining other flavor combinations for the marinade. Yum!

You must try this one. You can find it on page 179 of Everyday Dorie or you can email me for the recipe. Check out what my Cook the Book Fridays friends thought of the salmon here.

This the season for autumn decorations.  Here’s my latest obsession of what to do with my hands in the evening.  An entire pumpkin patch, knit from my yarn stash!

Finally, without any fanfare, Wednesday marked the 10-year anniversary of my blog. What a journey it’s been. I’ve enjoyed sharing my cooking adventures, experiments, and recipe reviews from “cook the book” projects. The best part has been the many friendships forged across the miles. (You all know who you are!) Here’s to embarking on another decade… Cheers!



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  1. Ten years! Congrats – we started in the same year! I agree that the friendships I have made over the years have been the absolute best part of blogging! Congrats! And we served the same sides with this dish!

  2. It’s hard to believe that 10 years have passed so quickly. I agree with Mardi, making friends thru blogging has been so much fun. I’m glad Tricia talked me into it, keeps me out of trouble at my age, and keeps me on my toes with something to plan and enjoy. This week’s recipe was perfect, simple, easy and delicious.

  3. Congratulations for putting in ten long years for your cooking blog. I, for sure, enjoy cooking along with veterans like you who know your way around the kitchen and having fun with food. I’d eat this salmon with rice, broccoli and green beans anyday. Great choice!

  4. Congrats on the 10 years…I am just about a year behind you! I agree, was one of the best decisions I made…I have loved baking with this group! I also love your knitted pumpkin patch…wow, those are awesome! Now to the salmon haha, glad you enjoyed it, we also thought it was easy and delicious!!

  5. happy blog anniversary to you! this salmon technique will go into my rotation as well.

  6. I enjoyed everything about this salmon just like you and Howard.. It’s an easy preparation to serve just One so I will have it often, I think. You seemed to have more “sauce” on your salmon. I didn’t but I think it’s because I brushed some off – Dorie suggested it might need to be done. Next time I will do that differently and see what happens. Congratulations on a decade of blogging. What a journey (and, life-changing experience) for me as well. I’ve enjoyed every minute that you and I have shared virtually and in person. This morning FDR was highlighted on CBS Sunday morning so, of course, you came to mind. Cheers to embarking on another decade, you bet, and to being together sooner than later.

  7. Ten years – wow ! Congratulations. I am so touched by having gotten to know you and as you put it “the others who know who they are” lol via blogging. It has been an amazing adventure and I look forward to many more years. I love this week’s recipe but of course my fish loving guys enjoyed it even more. I was on #teameasy for the prep and was thrilled to see how simple the dish was to receive such rave reviews.LOVE LOVE LOVE those pumpkins you made. WOW. Really gorgeous !!!

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