Cheesy Magic?  {CtBF}

With soufflés, it seems that timing is everything. You’ve got to be ready with the rest of the meal an instant BEFORE the soufflés come out of the oven.  They don’t scare me, but I’ll admit that it all seems a little fussy to me.  Going into this challenge, I wasn’t 100% convinced about the magic of a soufflé, but I was open-minded.

This week’s recipe for Cook the Book Fridays is for cheese, bacon, and arugula soufflés.  We thrive on leftovers here, so the fact that leftover soufflé is just not a thing means that I needed to make only enough for one meal.  I opted to halve the recipe and hope that eating two soufflés each wasn’t too much.  Plus I needed to find an evening when I had time to make the recipe.  In fact, I didn’t get around to it until tonight even though I was running around all day getting ready for the garden club’s big plant sale tomorrow.

Making soufflé isn’t that hard, but there are a lot of steps.  Cooking the bacon, wilting the greens, grating the cheeses, making the roux, separating eggs, and so on.  I worked my way through it methodically, and things came together without a hitch.  The twice-baked twist on this recipe was interesting but added to my feeling that the recipe was fussy.


We ate two personalized soufflés each with a big green salad for a satisfying meal. The flavors were nice, but we both felt that it was too much like a quiche without its advantages (like more flexible timing on serving and leftovers).  My takeaway from this recipe is a new inspiration for a quiche or frittata filling.


So I’m still not convinced that a soufflé is worth the effort.

However, if you want to try, you can find the recipe of page 139 of David Lebovitz’s My Paris Kitchen.  And you can check out other reviews by following my friends’ links here.


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  1. I haven’t gotten this one done yet. But I’m kind of with you – individual dishes, twice baked? I actually think soufflés are easy (I know, the timing), but I’d rather have one. The upside of this is at least there’s a vegetable in there!! If I make this, it will be a full-sized one. Leftovers? As you say, kind of like a frittata.

    Yours look adorable. Glad that you enjoyed them, and kudos for making them this evening.

    Now, about that plant sale… 😊

  2. Interesting and I can definitely see the comparison to frittata with the fillings. I think if our soufflés had an eggier texture I’d not have been really into them either. In any case, it looks like a great dinner! :)

  3. These look great. I’m a little apprehensive about the soufflé myself, but having never tried it that could be why. The flavor combination is great though and I’m excited to try it ASAP!

  4. I have to agree, these ingredients would be great in a frittata or a quiche. I enjoyed all the flavors and will definitely try it again.

  5. There are certainly a lot of steps, but I don’t see anyway around it. I made half the recipe and used a scale to measure each ingredient. You can imagine the many small dishes strewn across the kitchen when the cooking was underway. At least, they tasted and looked fantastic in those tiny ramekins, which don’t get a lot of uses.

  6. Yes this did kind of remind me of frittata (especially the reheated, next-day versions), but I liked making them!

  7. Your dinner plate-up looks great! Hubby don’t like bacon, so I made do using only one egg white and yolk! Enough to fill a 200ml ramekin, dinner for one!

  8. That plate makes for one inspiring meal, and I am not one known for healthy choices lol ! I had the pleasure of eating this dish twice as Nana made it for Pete and I, and we were genuinely raving. That said, I had not know it was soufflé until she told me. We had leftovers and they were awesome. Also thought they were quiche Lorraine so spot on about that. Very much like your phrase of “they don’t scare me…but they seem fussy”. This resonates with me on so many recipes. Hope the plant sale was a big success !!

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