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Roasted Peppers

I had a hard time generating enthusiasm for this week’s recipe for French Fridays with Dorie: Roasted Peppers. It’s not that I didn’t enjoy it. In fact, they are delicious. It’s just that I regularly roast peppers, so it wasn’t the most exciting recipe for me.

On the positive side, I usually broil them. Ever the rule-follower, I tried Dorie’s “new to me” method of roasting them in a hot oven instead. Mary’s commented during the week that she had to crank the oven up from the recommended 425F to 500F. I took that to heart and started at 450F, figuring that if the first side of peppers wasn’t charring when it was time to turn them, I could turn it up further. My selected temperature worked like a charm. I’m not sure what would have happened at the recommended lower temperature, but at 450F, turning the peppers every 15 minutes, my peppers were done after 45 minutes.

Roasting Peppers

The roasted peppers rest in a covered bowl until they are cool enough to handle. I used the foil that lined the baking sheet, but usually I use a plate as a cover. Then, the charred skin is scrapped off, and the seeds and membranes removed from the insides. As the pepper are tidied up, they tear themselves into natural pieces.

The pepper strips are layered into a dish, sprinkled with salt and pepper and herbs (in my case, simply parsley) and then doused with fruity olive oil. Voila!

The roasted peppers made the perfect addition to our “grazing” dinner, or indoor picnic, alongside sliced tomatoes and cucumbers, beet salad, and the sweetest of summer corn.

To see what my French Friday friends thought of their peppers, follow their links here. To try it yourself, you can find the recipe here or in Dorie Greenspan’s bookAround My French Table.

Have a great weekend! I’ll be admiring the view of the lake here at our cottage in Maine. Can you hear Mama and Baby Loon calling?



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  1. Simplicity yes, but a common delight always enjoyed by many folks everywhere!

  2. I made so many mistakes with this. I’ll definitely need a do over! Have a great time in Maine!

  3. So glad you enjoyed them… though I think these were a lot more work than grilling or broiling and really not any difference in taste.

  4. Helyn Benjamin

    Hi. Have fun in Maine. My eye is fine so just doing drop routine for next month. Cool at beach. Love xxxxxx

    Sent from my iPad


  5. I’ve never roasted peppers before, but this was so good and easy I’ll definitely be doing it again. Mine cooked in 45 minutes at 425° – I wonder if it was an altitude problem for Mary?

    Have a great, relaxing weekend! There’s nothing better in summer than being in the woods and close to water.

  6. So glad you enjoyed these, Betsy! I’ve also roasted peppers many times before. Usually I roast mine on the grill…however, I followed Dories recipe, too! They were easy and delicious, and I appreciated the ease after being away for 10 days. Enjoy your time in Maine!

  7. I tend to follow the recipes to a t, circling back to tweak for inspiration on round two or three. For me this was a first foray (hangs head in shame) so I was pretty psyched coming into this week. Love the idea of your indoor picnic with nature’s bounty and that shot at the lake is gorgeous. Like making roasted peppers, can you believe I have yet to make it to Maine. Somehow I end up stopping in Vermont :) SOMEDAY !!

  8. Enjoy your vacation! I wasn’t excited by this recipe either, but the finished product was lovely. I have tried roasting capsicum over a gas ring and the skins don’t come off, so I liked this technique.

  9. Nice picture, enjoy your time in Maine. I too roast peppers on the BBQ all the time. I tried Dorie’s method but mine were over cooked at 425 for 45 minutes. I will stick to my old way but glad I tried it.

  10. I wish I could have pulled up a chair and enjoyed your indoor picnic with you and Howard. Our Olathe corn is really, really good this year and I am making many dinners out of just corn and fresh tomatoes. Now I might throw in a roasted pepper with balsamic. I can’t have a grill but will try the broiler method next time. Your first photo with the chopped herbs in beautiful. This was definitely easier to photograph than the tuna confit. I hope you are having a wonderful time in Maine (with good weather). Eat lots of lobster. Don’t you love the sound of the Loons. That’s definitely a bird call I know! What books did you take to Maine?

  11. Your picnic sounds pretty perfect Betsy! This was my first time to roast peppers and reading everyone’s posts has convinced me to try it on the grill! I used my little Breville convection oven for these and they only took about 20 minutes. I used mini peppers though. They were good weren’t they? I just see from Mary’s comment that you are in Maine! Now I’m envious:)

  12. I enjoyed learning the new to me method of roasting the peppers too. It could be a good technique to use when I’m busy and don’t have the time to watch the peppers as they broil!

  13. My lack of excitement came from the fact that I don’t like bell peppers – fortunately, I was bringing this to a family dinner and had lots of willing eaters :-)

    Glad you had a lovely time in Maine!

  14. The lake photo is so serene! I liked the peppers, followed Mary’s lead with a higher temperature – I don’t think mine would have been done if I hadn’t. but it was so messy.

  15. I am so jealous of your cottage in Maine. I hope you had a great time there. I’ve only been to Maine once (Bar Harbor), but really want to go back. I make roasted/grilled peppers frequently, but for some reason they never get old for me.

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