butter and rum crepes, fancy and plain {ffwd}


When I was in high school, my mother (the gadget queen) had an electric crepe maker. You plugged it in, dipped the surface in the batter, and when the crepe was browned, you pulled it off. I remember being obsessed with making crepes, mostly savory dishes, filled with (now) retro fillings like tuna and chicken mixed with mayonnaise and topped with lots of cheese.

My Recipe Cards from the late 1970's

My Recipe Cards from the late 1970’s

Last year (I think), my sister Jennifer bought a crepe pan and declared crepes to be her new holiday signature dessert. Was it for New Years’, Jennifer? I don’t recall ever making sweet crepes though. Until now. This week’s recipe for French Fridays with Dorie is Butter and Rum Crepes, Fancy and Plain.

The batter is what you might expect for pancakes (milk, eggs, flour, melted butter) with some flair (sugar rubbed with citrus zest, dark rum and Grand Marnier). It needs to rest, so I made in the day before I wanted to make the crepes.

I’ll admit that I’m not very good at making regular pancakes. That’s Howard’s job (I was fired years ago). Making crepes is a bit more difficult. I had a hard time figuring out the right amount of batter to pour in and swirl around to get full coverage. I finally settled on using a quarter-cup measure, not quite filled, to scoop from the batter bowl and pour into the pan.

Making Crepes

I used the non-stick skillet I use for omelets. Its sides are a bit high and sloping which made it hard to loosen the crepe for turning. A flatter pan might have been worked better for me. I found a rubber spatula worked well to separate those lacy bits from the pan before gently grabbing the edge to flip it over. You definitely need Nonna fingers for this one (that’s those experienced fingers that grandmothers have that don’t feel the burn of touching hot food). It took me most of the batch to get the technique down and feel comfortable. At least the mistakes were tasty.

Crepe Stack
Dorie suggested leaving the crepes plain (well, they are sprinkled with sugar, so not quite plain) or filling with lemon curd. I had a jar of lemon curd in the fridge, so I didn’t make it from scratch, though I do highly recommend the Lemon Curd recipe in AMFT. For variety, I filled some and left some plain.

To top off the dessert, Dorie gives a recipe for a warm honey-citrus sauce. What are you doing with your leftover sauce?

I liked the crepes. I certainly need more practice to be able to make these with confidence. Miraculously of all, Howard said he wanted a plateful of crepes. Go figure. There isn’t any component of this recipe that I would have predicted he would eat. He said “it was alright”. I don’t know if that’s the truth, or if he’s just gaslighting me.

To see how my Dorista friends made out, check out their links here.


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  1. Wow – Howard approved!! I think it’s a definite art getting the crêpes “just so” – I need a proper pan!

  2. I am sure Howard liked them…what’s not to like! I laughed out loud when I read your gaslight comment! We truly enjoyed these crepes…they were definitely a hit in my house!
    I used to have one of those crepe makers…I even wrote about it today! A good crepe pan is so much easier to use. Have a wonderful weekend, Betsy!

  3. Tracy O'Connell

    Always love your honesty, Betsy! I got myself a crepe pan and giant spatula from Crate and Barrel. It’s great. I like to fill special breakfast crepes with marscarpone cheese (that you’ve pre-mixed with 10x sugar and almond extract), and sliced strawberries. Top with a few more strawberry slices and toasted, broken pecans. Add some blueberries for extra joy.

  4. Our local whole foods market (not THE Whole Foods…) sells the De Buyer mineral B crepe pans and that has revolutionized my crepe making (although, a good non stick skillet does the job pretty well too)
    Your nona fingers comment made me laugh – because that is so true.
    The left over citrus sauce was pretty tasty on top of pancakes :-)

  5. Nice Job. I’d love to check out the crepe recipes you have. Please share!

  6. Your crepes look delicious!

  7. Betsy, love your recipe cards for crêpes and so glad to hear that they were approved by Howard – they look wonderful and, yes, I agree, they can be a bit tricky to make! All the more reason to make them again?!
    All the best and have a wonderful weekend!

  8. Your crepes turned out great! Nonna fingers are required indeed.

  9. Here’s one Nonna that doesn’t have those fingers that’s for sure. I enjoyed making these
    even though they weren’t perfect, they were damn good desserts, and no complaints from
    the big boss. Yours really look wonderful.

  10. These crepes were delicious. You did a great job.

  11. The thing I like about crepes, is that even when they aren’t perfectly pretty they still taste good. Paul threw away my leftover sauce without consulting me. I was not happy about it! I’m glad Howard enjoyed these as well.

  12. Betsy, your crepes look great. I would never know you struggled with them. They really were tasty weren’t they? I guess I will continue trying to work with my pan. I have a non stick that I’ve used before but they sloping side issue is what made me think I wanted a crepe pan. Time will tell I guess.

  13. I think my husband had the same reaction as Howard: “they’re alright”. Not really his favorite type of dessert, but he did clean his plate!

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