ffwd: duck breasts with fresh peaches

Duck Breasts with Fresh Peaches

Another Friday, another recipe for French Fridays with Dorie. Each week, I have the best intentions of blogging about all the other things I make during the week. Summer produce is flooding in, and I’m cooking like crazy. Somehow I only have the time and energy to write and depict this one.

This week’s Dorie recipe is for Duck Breasts with Fresh Peaches. If you asked me to name my Top 3 takeaways from Around My French Table, one would definitely be the confidence of searing duck breasts at home. It was nearly two years ago, Friday November 4, 2011, when duck first appeared on the FFwD calendar. I had always been a frequent orderer of duck in restaurants, but for the first time, I realized that I could make this for myself at home, and quickly. A revelation for sure. I have made duck breasts many times since then. It’s replaced lamb chops as my go-to special occasion meal. With peaches at their peak, I was excited to try a new variation on the theme.

All the ingredients

By now, many of you understand the food quirks of my household. The name of this recipe indicates the problem. It’s not the duck, but the fruit in a savory dish. You know that Howard will not eat peaches with his dinner. Fortunately, the peaches in this dish are more of a side or hearty garnish. I was able to make a peach for myself and none for my husband. The sauce with its sweet and tangy blend of flavors offered no offense to his culinary sensibilities. I plated my plate with the delicious browned peaches, and Howard’s without.





Cooking the duck breasts, scoring the skin and then searing them for a few minutes on each side, was as easy as usual. I like duck breast on the rare side, but I’ll admit that I overcooked it slightly, not perfect, but still delicious. I enjoyed the flavor and texture of the browned fruit. The sauce complemented both the meat and the fruit. On the side, I served Trader Joe’s Harvest Grains blend, a combination of Israeli couscous, colored orzo, quinoa, and baby chickpeas.

Once again, I was delighted to be making restaurant fare in my own kitchen! To see how my fellow bloggers did with their duck breasts and peaches, check out their links here. I can’t find the recipe on-line this week, but you can find it in Dorie Greenspan’s book Around My French Table.


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  1. First, let me just say that I am surprised our spouses have lasted this long. Not that these
    recipes aren’t good, but some are beyond their comfort zone. I am beginning to cut
    everything in half. That said, I really messed this one up and I am not sure what I did wrong. Thank goodness Tricia’s boys love meat, I am certainly going to miss them when they both go back to school. (I will be doing these recipes in 1/4 sizes.) Have a great

  2. The peaches were definitely on the ‘side dish’ category for us. I tried making them as savory as I could, and I think Eduardo only grabbed one half out of courtesy. His loss, I actually liked them a lot and ate the 1.5 half peach left. Now I’m trying to think which other fruits can be cooked with garlic and thyme.

  3. Your duck skin turned out wonderful looking!

  4. I too was grateful that the peaches were a side because I’m not at all fond of sweet, fruity duck. Neither this one nor the prior was really all that fruity when compared to some of the old school/vintage style dishes I’ve had before. I kinda liked the peach too…nicely browned in duck fat and thyme. I’ll be making this again!

  5. Your duck looks beautiful. Fruit on the side in savoury dishes is best! Before Dorie I also only ordered duck in restaurants – now it’s a weeknight favorite!

    Ps, the skies in Greece really are that blue! (not sure if you received my reply last week)

  6. This one was a big hit with my fussy eater…even the peaches. Yours looks perfectly delicious! Glad it worked for both of you!

  7. I had to giggle that Howard was pickier than even Bill this week. Yeah, I had tried to make duck before FFwD, but it was never as good as the two dishes from Dorie!

  8. Betsy, this looks like such an elegant meal – I love duck and the combination of sweet and savory in this recipe is very appealing – since we were “out of the country” for a bit, I did not get to make this dish, but there is “make-up” week this Friday, I am sure that I will get a chance to make this lovely recipe.
    Have a nice Sunday!

  9. LOL – I am glad that you made peach for yourself – it was delicious. Have a great week.

  10. Restaurant fare in your own kitchen – this is what I love about FFWD :)

  11. Yep, I knew right away that 1/3 of my eaters would not touch the duck, so one piece of breast it was!
    I do agree – learning to make foods that I thought were for “restaurant only” is one of my top take aways from cooking through AMFT (all the great people I have met along the way is my #1 take away…)

  12. Helyn Benjamin

    Hi. I inadvertently deleted the new e mail. Could you resend it. Thanks. Xxxxx

    Sent from my iPad

  13. I was always squeamish about fruit in a savory dish. I have been trying a few things this year and peaches work for me… because I think they get less sweet when they are cooked. Well I loved this dish glad you enjoyed it.

  14. Betsy, I thought your duck looked nicely but not overly-done in the first picture. I think I detect “pink”. I also really enjoy eating duck but only have cooked it once at home. I don’tyet remember cooking the other duck recipe. Maybe. Anyhowww, Dorie did make this easy and I liked it as much as you do. Our Colorado peaches are wonderfully flavorful this year and I cannot get enough of them. I don’t recall TJ’s Harvest Grain Blend when I lived near a store. It looked delicious with the duck and peaches.

  15. Your duck looks delicious!

  16. I’m on the same page. Making duck at home has definitely been one of my best takeaways from AMFT so far. I’m about to email you for the squash gratin recipe. Thanks!

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