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Dieter's Tartine

This week’s recipe for French Fridays with Dorie was barely a recipe. The selection was Dieter’s Tartine, an open-faced sandwich that Parisian women enjoy at the café next door to the famous Poilâne bakery.

I had no time for shopping this week, so took some liberties to work with what I had on-hand. For the bread, I used toasted a slice of the sourdough rye bread I usually have for breakfast. For the spread, I used goat cheese. I topped this with the recommended tomato and cucumber cubes, which were part of this week’s farm share, simply seasoned with salt and pepper. Finally, I sprinkled it all with herbes de Provence.

Fresh Farm Vegetables

I did not have this for lunch, but rather for breakfast. Actually, my typical breakfast is toast with cheese, often goat cheese, so the fresh summery salad on top was an interesting addition to something I eat all the time.

The tartine wasn’t spectacular, but it was good. It would never satisfy me for lunch, but for breakfast, I enjoyed it.

At some point, I’ll might try this with fromage blanc, once I find some, because I’ve never tried that kind of cheese before. I won’t even try to make my own substitution because I cannot bear the sight of cottage cheese. The thought of actually ingesting it would push me over the edge.

To see what the other creative Doristas’ did with their tartines, check out there links here. You can always find the recipe in Dorie Greenspan’s book Around My French Table.


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  1. I congratulate you for handling cucumbers for breakfast. Now, Betsy, that’s something I could not do. Everything else, including cottage cheese, yes. I skipped the non-fat idea and just mixed together sour and cottage creams. It was good but it looked more cottage than sour so don’t try it. I think this week’s recipe is just a starting off place for me – I am always foraging for a lunch that is filling and I’ve come up with some interesting tartine combos this week.

  2. I did enjoy this with the cottage but I’ll bet it was delicious with goat cheese. It certainly was easy to put together and makes a great lunch. Enjoy your weekend.

  3. I used a sourdough rye, too. I actually like cottage cheese, especially in the summertime, so this was okay for me, though I didn’t bother adding the sour cream to it. I was a little late starting my garden this year, so am waiting for some of the vegetables to ripen so I can try this again.

    Hope you’re having a wonderful trip!

  4. I am with you on the ‘no time for shopping’. I already had cottage cheese and was not buying sour cream for one tablespoon, so that is what I used. Glad you enjoyed it for brekky.

  5. Great breakfast idea!!! Time to buy some more cottage cheese!

  6. Betsy cheese and toast for breakfast sounds so good. In fact, I might go make some in just a minute. I’m so far behind on visiting blogs so I’m doing it before I eat this morning and its hard to read about all the good food on an empty stomach! I envy you both having a week with your sister and picking blackberries with her. I hope you get to the pie. It is delicious!

  7. triciaandnana

    Enjoy your roadtrip via family visits to the midAtlantic region ! Fun to know you are in Nana and my’s backyard somewhere :) Great job on knocking this out even with the travel- thankfully it was easy. Your rendition looks fab and I am glad to hear that someone else has enjoyed the cheese on toast for breakfast before this week. Nana and I have enjoyed cottage cheese on warm toast (I put a ton of freshed cracked pepper on mine) for years. It is lovely. The goat cheese is also something that is fab. My older son adores it warmed in the oven on these little rounds I pick up at Costco and then drizzle olive oil over the top. Travel safely ~ Tricia

  8. Ah, I am soooo with you on cottage cheese!! Let me just say that the last (and only) time I bought cottage cheese, we left the tub almost untouched. I am team goat cheese all the way! And like you, we also enjoyed this for breakfast.
    Bonne semaine!

  9. Wow the only place I ever ate a breakfast like this was in Turkey… your more of a Mediterranean at heart than me. I could possible handle just the cottage cheese on toast in the AM… I might try it thanks to your inspiration.

  10. I like your idea of eating this for breakfast. I need to eat savory breakfasts more often!

  11. I like your take of using goat cheese. The tang would give the tartine much needed flavor. Although I did not know until this week that cottage cheese can be such a divisive food. :)

  12. This WAS good for breakfast (well, brunch for me) wasn’t it? You need to try with fromage blanc – it’s pretty tasty!

  13. I love cut up cucumber with a little salt on it in the morning :-) Goat cheese would definitely take it up a notch.
    And the no shopping thing – that has kind of been my life half the summer. I shop when I have to make a meal. Sigh. I am convinced things will calm down…someday

  14. This would be perfect for breakfast!
    I have to admit what made it amazing for me was the balsamic vinegar I drizzled on top. But then I returned and I ate A LOT of the leftover crusty bread by dipping it into the vinegar, so looking back I think that’s what filled me up!

  15. Yum! Love that for breakfast – light, filling and delicious!

  16. I made a point to search out the fromage blanc because I won’t consider eating cottage cheese either. I think goat cheese sounds like a wonderful substitution!

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