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Revolutionary Chef

If you don’t already know it, and you might not, today is Food Revolution Day. Food Revolution Day is a chance for people all over the world to come together and stand up for good food and essential cooking skills. It’s a chance for people to come together in homes, schools, workplaces and communities to cook and share their kitchen skills, food knowledge and resources. Food Revolution Day is a global day of action to raise awareness about the importance of good food and better food education for everyone.

The theme for this year’s Food Revolution Day is “Cook it. Share it. Live It.” – something I, along with my friends at French Fridays with Dorie, are passionate about already! Today with join together, telling to story of cooking and sharing a favorite recipe from our group’s bible, Dorie Greenspan’s book Around My French Table.

At my house, Howard and I both get excited about preparing good food to eat and share at home. We enjoy spending time together in the kitchen, though we each have our areas of expertise. I’m the non-grilled main dish maker, the soup maker, the side dish maker, and the baker. Howard’s territory is the grill and smoker and his modernist sous-vide adventures as well as cooking perfect eggs, in every preparation.

I used the Food Revolution Day challenge to teach Howard, our resident chocolate fiend, to make a simple chocolate dessert: top-secret chocolate mousse, which FFwD made as a group back in November 2012.

Some new egg skills were involved. The first was learning to separate eggs. We started with the technique my mother taught me, transferring the yolk from shell to shell while letting the white fall into a bowl. That was a bit challenging, so we switched to the pour the egg into your hand and let the whites run through your fingers approach. Much more successful!

Separating Eggs

Separating Eggs

The next was whipping the egg whites until they were medium stiff. Howard loves electronic devices. In fact, he gave me my beloved KitchenAid as a gift. As I explained how to whip the egg whites, he pointed out that this was the first time he was using the machine that he bought (and recently repaired) for me.

Whipping Egg Whites

Whipping Egg Whites

The final technique was folding. When you aren’t the usual dessert maker, there isn’t much call to know how to fold ingredients together, but it was an easy lesson.

Folding Egg Whites into Chocolate

Folding Egg Whites into Chocolate

By the time the egg whites were ready to mix in, the chocolate-egg yolk mixture was a little chunky. We thought perhaps the other steps had taken longer than expected and the chocolate cooled down too much. The end result was less mousse-like than it was when I made it before, but it still tasted good.

First Attempt

First Attempt

Undeterred, Howard picked up fresh eggs the next morning and asked me to get more chocolate while I was out during the day. I had evening plans, but I came home to find that Howard had applied his newly learned essential cooking skills and whipped up another batch of chocolate mousse all by himself! Way to go, Howard!

Night #2: On His Own

Night #2: On His Own

This time, he was careful about the timing, yet the mousse was still a little bit chunky. In the end, I think it’s because we were using 72% dark chocolate (in November, we used 60%) which must work differently in this dessert.

I have a feeling that more mousse will be made in our kitchen, and I won’t necessarily be the one preparing it. It’s revolutionary!

To read about the other revolutions going on today in kitchens around the world, check out my Dorista friends’ blogs as they tell their own Food Revolution Day stories here. You can also read more about Food Revolution Day here.


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  1. This is so much fun! I love that you worked together to make your recipe. And that Howard made another batch!! Your process photos are great!

  2. Betsy, of course, I love this post of yours – what´s not to love…my husband cringes at the mere thought of preparing a chocolate dessert (not his favorite). How creative all of you were, it is so much fun reading all the different blog posts today. And you just reminded me that I really enjoyed the chocolate mousse and that I should make it again! What a wonderful idea for the Food Revolution Day today!
    Have a wonderful Friday!

  3. What a great idea sharing skills with your husband… my concern is the argument potential in my house. I really could use some help with baking maybe I can get my daughter to give me a few lessons, but know one seems to want to take over the daily grind of getting out the evening meal…. to your mousse!

  4. I love that Howard not only took on dessert, but made it a second time on his own. Here’s to Food Revolution Day and to more chocolate mousse!

  5. I love that you taught Howard how to make the chocolate mousse! Fantastic! And he made it twice! It looks awfully good from where I sit…it had to be the chocolate you used. I’m glad you and Howard got to hang in the kitchen together…sounds like you both had fun! Have a great weekend, Betsy!

  6. Isn´t this the perfect spirit of the food revolution! Love this post Betsy, and your husband such a trooper too. Have a great weekend!

  7. Oh, I need to make up this recipe, too! How fun!

  8. I love that you used FRD2013 to teach someone some basic skills in the kitchen – because let’s face it, learning how to make a chocolate mousse is a basic skill everyone should know. Thanks for taking part in FRD2013!

  9. Yay Howard! I love how not only he buys and fixes the appliances, but also plays with them. That picture with the spatula is pure joy! Then again, chocolate is scientifically proved to do that.

    Between Cher’s Culinary Kid, Tricia’s James, Teresa’s Kevin and Howard, it definitely shows that some of the bigger revolutions start within our own homes.

  10. We loved this chocolate mousse recipe! I will have to make it again, maybe I can get my husband to give it a try?! He is also our ‘grill master’ and makes a mean egg sandwich;-)

  11. Bravo to you both!! And judging from the look on Howard’s face, it must’ve been pretty good!

  12. How wonderful that Howard now knows how to make a mousse. He certainly did a great
    job and it looks delicious. Who knows where this will take him, he just might surprise you sometime soon with some great recipes……

  13. Don’t you love working together in the kitchen? I wish I could have sampled some of this! Happy Food Revolution Day! Thank you for sharing…and good job Howard!

  14. triciaandnana

    Oh I just loved this post from start to finish- how FABULOUS. YAY Howard. I was already enjoying it before I realized he came back for a curtain call- that is true love of cooking (and chocolate mousse !!! I also love the glasses you have in the Day 2 shot- I think I just saw these on a gift shop site in Vermont and was already craving them- they are just beautiful. Also chuckled when Howard mentioned it was his first time at bat with the actual KitchenAid. My hubby graciously let me get a fun car in addition to my mini van (do love my minivan, however). We recently had to get something tuned up and he mentioned to the technician that it was the first time he ever actually drove the car. I have had it for about 4 years. These guys are keepers !!!! :) —- Tricia

  15. trevorsisboom

    All great skills! Teach a man to make chocolate mousse and you eat it for a lifetime!

  16. Yay for Howard. I remember that chocolate mousse gave me quite a bit of trouble – so I am impressed with his fortitude in making it twice.

    Yes, I am a Yankees fan; but I am also a Bruins fan – does that mean we can still be friends? :-)

  17. Helyn Benjamin

    Hi, Howard you look good licking the bowl. Mousse is always good. Enjoy. Had nice weekend and graduation events were good. Steve Colbert gave the address sat. At the awards presentation and sen Jim Webb gave the commencement address. Love to all. Xxxx

    Sent from my iPad

  18. Well, hellllo Howard. Betsy, so this is the Howard I’ve been hearing about that doesn’t like this or won’t eat that. Hey, the guy loves chocolate. Let’s just go with that. Remember last year, around the holidays when we all made and loved this mousse. It was delicious and I made it two times during the holidays. I do think that Howard should not go overboard just to save your waistline. When we made it before, I kept going by the fridge and taking a spoonful ever so often. I will be interested in knowing if the additional % of dark chocolate made the difference in the chunkiness of your mousse. Nice and very creative Post. I think Mardi is very pleased with our results.

  19. Yummo! A fab choice for Food Revolution Day. And I think the p photo of Howard at the top of the post if great!

  20. I love how many people got family members involved. What a great idea! Howard’s 2nd attempt looks excellent! Even chunky chocolate mousse is still delicious, at least in my book.

  21. Fun! I should teach my husband how to make the mousse too, since he loves it so much.

  22. I used 74% chcoolate in mine when we made it and it turned out fine… the first time attempt though, it turned out kinda chunky and chalky cuz the eggs werent completely at room temp before I made it so maybe thats it??

    But how lovely that your hubby made it with you! I should make some soon cuz this has me swooning for mousse!!

    Oh and your Howard looks like an old university professor of mine that taught advanced chemistry courses and I seriously took a double-take at that top photo! :)

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