ffwd: creamy mushrooms & eggs

Best Brunch of Recent Memory

For some reason, I kept thinking this week’s recipe for French Fridays with Dorie was called creamy eggs and mushrooms, and I had visions of scrambled eggs with mushrooms. I found the idea appealing, but not necessarily interesting. When I looked more closely to write out the grocery list, I was delighted to find I was wrong. The recipe is actually for creamy mushrooms and eggs, which are poached, not scrambled.

What a perfect dish for brunch! The mushrooms are sautéed with shallots, and then cream is added and simmered to thicken before finishing with fresh herbs. The sauce is spooned over toast and topped with a poached egg.

This recipe was a team effort. I made the sauce while Howard poached the eggs. Dorie recommends challah or brioche, but any kind of toast would do. I went with the egg bread theme and bought egg sandwich rolls at the grocery store because they didn’t have any loaves of the recommended bread. Slices from a loaf would have presented better because the top of the roll didn’t sit flat on the plate, though it still tasted great.

Sauteeing Mushrooms

The two of us shared the full recipe, and I know we’ll be making this again, for ourselves or guests.

The sauce could definitely be repurposed for dinner. I recently concocted a similar sauce with a generous dose of garlic and some Madeira and served it over leek and fennel ravioli. It was also delicious. The flavors of mushrooms and cream are a winning combination!

We don’t post the recipes, but you can find it in Dorie Greenspan’s book Around My French Table.

To see what other Doristas thought of this recipe, check out their posts here.


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  1. trevorsisboom

    Yeah. Dorie missed the booze component here. I think a splash of vermouth or something in the mushrooms would have pushed this even farther into do-it-again territory. Still, I will be eating it again tonight for sure.

  2. I totally had the same concept in my head and yes, I kept looking for the part of the recipe where I was supposed to add the Cognac….

    have a lovely weekend

  3. I thought they were to be scrambled, too, and since I don’t like poached eggs, I DID scramble them! ;)

  4. Betsy, this was a nice recipe and I am glad that you enjoyed this so much. And I like the fact that this was a “team effort” – nothing like having some company while cooking away in the kitchen. Mushrooms and cream go together so very well and as I was putting the components for this recipe together, I was thinking that a mushroom and cream sauce was the first sauce that I learned when I started cooking (though it had and always has contained Cognac).
    Have a lovely weekend!

  5. Ah, repurposing the mushroom sauce, with vermouth..over chicken.

  6. Oh yes, this is a repeat recipe. And many of us had the idea that it was with scrambled eggs. Somehow the word creamy misguided us. It looks wonderful Betsy!

  7. I saw a recipe for Creamy Mushrooms and Eggs that called for white wine…I thought I would try it the next time. And yes there will be a next time! I can’t believe how perfect your eggs are! Can Howard hold a class on poached eggs? Great team effort! They look delish!

  8. Agreed. I’ll definitely be making this again, probably this weekend!

  9. Leek and fennel ravioli – that sounds delicious. Glad that both of you enjoyed this. As did I. I also think the creamy mushroom sauce can be used in many different ways for many different things. I just don’t “think” of it. That’s why cooking every week with FFWD is so great. Howard poaches eggs like a star chef – be sure to pass than on, Betsy. Hope the bees are bee-having,

  10. I went the creamy eggs and mushrooms route :) Bill is the egg maker in our house, but I’m not sure how he’d do with poaching them. Howard has the method perfected! I loved this one, too!

  11. Glad you enjoyed this one – I did too.

  12. Those eggs are so perfect. We loved this recipe and it seems to be a big hit with everyone.
    Tricia and I were very happy that we did not take our trip with all the goings on in Boston.
    Things are looking up here and I’m feeling better, thank you.

  13. Your pasta sauce sounds wonderful. I think this dish would be great with a splash of something alcoholic, too. All of the recipes in this book with mushrooms and cream have been winners.

  14. Yup, mushrooms are cream would definitely not go wrong! I like your poached eggs!

  15. triciaandnana

    Just catching up on back posts too after my staycation- thanks so much for your kind words and for sweetly thinking of Nana and I. I went from the shock of the trip cancellation to the horror in your hometown and sat glued in disbelief watching the TV for days. It was a surreal week, to say the very least. I had thought of you and am so glad that you were not more directly affected- and I loved your Boston Strong post. It is very therapeutic to get back into the kitchen, get back into the norm and read wonderful posts from our fellow Doristas- like reading about your adventures with the bees (sorry about that queen) and the lovely poem you included. All the best and thanks again for keeping us in your thoughts – Tricia

  16. Loved, loved this! I could certainly eat this more often – Yours looks amazing!

  17. I also pictured scrambled eggs when I read the recipe title, that seems to be a common theme. I’m glad to know we aren’t the only ones that ate the full recipe!

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