ffwd: brown sugar squash and brussels sprouts en papillote

En Papillote

This week, the recipe for French Fridays with Dorie was so much better than last week’s. The choice this week was a simple side dish with the fancy name of brown sugar squash and brussels sprouts en papillote. Diced squash, halved Brussels sprouts and chopped apple are tossed with a bit of oil, sprinkled with a little brown sugar, garnished with a sage leaf, and roasted in a foil. The result: easy and delicious oven-steamed vegetables.

I’ve mentioned the fruit with savory dishes issue at my house before (yes, Howard, I’m making fun of you again). The individual packets allowed me to make half with and half without apples for perfect domestic harmony. The side was fast to put together and, as with so many of Dorie’s recipes, a natural jumping off point for other vegetable and herb combinations.

So Pretty

I roast vegetables often, and, honestly, I prefer the caramelization of roasting vegetables on a baking sheet. That said, this was a worthwhile experiment that I would repeat. We found it hard to eat out of the foil packets, so ended up just emptying the vegetables onto the plate. If I make this again, I would cover the pan for the steaming effect rather than take the time to portion them out separately.

This side made a perfect accompaniment to leftovers from the Oven Off Roast Beef we were eating this week. This recipe was recommended by my friend Lauren Z (to distinguish from my friend Lauren L). A less expensive cut of beef (bottom round, in my case) is rubbed with a garlicky-herb paste, then seared in a hot oven for about 15 minutes. Then you turn off the oven and let the meat cook to the desired temperature (120F). This took a little less than an hour for my 2.5 pound roast, though the instructions said it would take 2 hours. Every oven is different, I suppose. The final roast is miraculously tender. In the meantime, you have time to make the delicious accompanying Henry Bain sauce. We enjoyed this roast, so I pass along the recommendation. Check it out! Note that because the oven needs to stay tightly closed, you can’t make the papillote vegetables at the same time as the roast unless you are fortunate enough to have two ovens, which I am not.

Papillote on the Side

We don’t post the recipes, but you can find it in Dorie Greenspan’s book Around My French Table. To see what other Doristas thought of this recipe, check out their posts here.


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  1. I love these vegetables and the simplicity of making this side dish. I will definetly try it

  2. That’s my dream, to one day own two ovens. Sigh, a girl can dream can’t she.

    But in the meantime, your meal sounds delicious.

  3. Betsy, now I am hungry, again, the recipe for the Oven Off Roast Beef sounds so wonderful and very intriguing. I love to try out different methods of prepartion and this sounds just like something I would really like to try! Having said that, your vegetables “en papilotte” do look very pretty and I am sure they they were just perfect alongside that beef.
    Have a great weekend!

  4. Two ovens would be so awesome. As long as I didn’t have to clean them both! Ah, well. At least a dish like this is easy on both the prep working and the cleaning up work! I thought this was a good one for a quick lunch or weeknight meal. I liked just roasting these veggies better, but this was a nice, fresh-tasting change. Yours looks great – such bright, beautiful colors!

  5. I actually enjoyed these, easy and delicious, but I also prefer roasted veggies…it’s the way they caramelize…yum! Have a great weekend!

  6. I tell The Dude that my next house has to have two ovens. It seems like a necessity!
    Your roast sounds great – I have never heard of that technique before. That’s another thing I love about this group – so many new to me great ideas!

  7. I’m headed next to check out your roast which looks fabulous. Your veges look really lovely too, but you have my attention with your main course.

  8. Your vegetables look beautiful and they sound like they were the perfect side for your beef dish. I also liked this method and loved the bite of apple along with the brussels sprouts and squash. I made four packets and it was great the next night because we just reheated the remaining two. Have a wonderful weekend, Betsy!

  9. My mom used to make a roast like that…always perfectly rare and delicious! Glad you enjoyed this week’s selections…our hubby’s take a lot of grief in this group, don’t they?

  10. Hi Betsy! Your veggies look great! The individual packets make it easy to accommodate everyone’s needs…for a change:)

  11. Two ovens – that would be such a treat. My (ridiculous) dream kitchen would actually be two – a gluten-free kitchen and a gluten-friendly one. I don’t know what I’d do with all the baking, though…

    The roast sounds interesting and energy-saving, to boot.

  12. I must admit that there is nothing subtle about we Doristas. When we dislike a recipe, we dislike it and bring it up week after week. (I did also.) I think last week’s failure will become the recipe-from-hell that we will always remember. When we complete our project I think we should do a Q&A, favorite recipe, most difficult, etc. etc. and most disliked!!! I bet last week’s wins hands down. I also liked this recipe, very much. But, like you, I like my veggies roasted and carmelized. I don’t like to eat ANYTHING wrapped in foil. Have you ever had tinfoil touch a feeling??? Not good,. But I did like the flavor and the combo. Sorry, Howard.

  13. I liked this dish. LOL at hubby not eating fruit with vegetables.

  14. Now I need to make a roast !! Yours looks gorgeous and I am saying that at breakfast time here :) I enjoyed this week’s because I had not done veggies this week in a long time, and definitely not this combo of veggies and spice. But I also think I enjoyed it because it involved neither liver nor cellophane noodles. So happy to have those pages of AMFT behind us…….

  15. Some people have two ovens and I’m just learning this now? I need to get out more. I didn’t tell anyone about the apples and let them discover it much AFTER they had already eaten most of it. That method works a LOT for me these days.

  16. Beautiful veggies. We enjoyed this recipe also.

  17. This would have gone well with roast beef. Yum!

  18. Your veggies look delicious!

  19. I love when a recipe makes for easy domestic harmony! I think the apples add a nice dimension of flavor.

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