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What s not to love about olives, pretty much any kind of olive? This week’s recipe for French Fridays with Dorie was a simple little gem, Herbed Olives. The hardest thing is waiting a few days to let the flavors permeate the olives before sampling them.

Our Thanksgiving holiday was a little topsy-turvy. Yesterday, we enjoyed dinner with one set of friends and dessert with another, not necessarily in that order… It was a day filled with good company, good conversation, and good food. A lovely day! Today, we ate our own turkey with the usual fixings so can have leftovers. Howard prepared it in an interesting way, more on that this weekend.

So, back to the olives. This recipe was a good excuse to take a trip to the Middle Eastern markets in Watertown, a town with a large Armenian population. There is a stretch of grocery stores and bakeries filled with Middle Eastern treats. I stopped at Sevan Bakery, where they have an “olive bar” where you can fill a container with whatever varieties you choose. They offered many colors and sizes of plain olives that I could flavor myself.

To flavor the olives, lots of herbs and spices along with orange rind and chili pepper are warmed in extra virgin olive oil to bring out the fragrance. It smelled fantastic! Then the oil is poured over the olives. More oil is added to completely submerge the olives. Then, I let the olives steep for several days.

I served these olives as part of a relish plate along with sweet gherkins and chopped liver pâté made from the turkey’s liver. The olives are a perfect nibble with a glass of wine while finalizing your turkey dinner. They’d be great for a non-holiday dinner as well.

We don’t post the recipes, but you can find it in Dorie Greenspan’s book Around My French Table. To see how the other bloggers made out with their olives, you can follow their links here to read all about it.


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  1. We have some great olive bars along Commercial Drive in my neighbourhood (it’s got Italian roots). This recipe is worth finding some plain ones, though. We enjoyed it. Hope your holiday weekend is a great one, Betsy!

  2. I love the idea of an olive bar with a huge selection-so worth the extra effort to pick up some interesting olives, I like your appetizer plate of goodies;-). Sounds like a fun Thanksgiving with lots of socializing around food..my idea of a really good time!

  3. Great platter of food! Everything looks so delicious! Can’t wait to try these!

  4. Ah – very curious about the turkey :-)
    We celebrated Thanksgiving one way yesterday, but I think we are having a second one either tomorrow or Sunday. Apparently, we were missing some “must haves” the first time around.
    Your platter looks like the perfect snacking tray of goodies.
    Have a great weekend – I hope you holiday was enjoyable.

  5. Great photos and arrangement!

  6. Your plate looks like a whole meal! The best is a mix of olives like you have. The perfect appetizer for so many occasions. Have a great weekend Betsy!

  7. Those are the pretteist olives – I love the different cooloured ones.

  8. What a beautiful spread! And great idea to make turkey pate :)

  9. Betsy, your Turkey Liver Pâté sounds and looks like a dish that I would love! I really enjoy eating Pâté but have never tried some with turkey liver before – your whole platter looks wonderful, the marinated olives look like they were a perfect treat too!

    Have a wonderful Sunday!

  10. Perfect relish tray. We love chicken liver so I am interested in the turkey version.
    I have a cooked one in frig from Thanksgiving. Will check out a few recipes.
    These olives were so delicious, definitely will be repeated for the holiday.

  11. How fun! An adventure, followed by an easy, delicious recipe! Great idea about your pate. Sounds so yummy.

    We enjoyed these a lot too. A nice elegant twist on an old favorite.

  12. Betsy, thanks for the info on turkey pate. I am planning to try it today and I
    will keep let you know how it turns out.

  13. Love the idea of turkey liver pate…so yummy! Your appetizer platter looks so pretty…and the olives are a perfect addition! Sounds like you had a fantastic Thanksgiving!

  14. I am interested in your pate, Betsy. Never thought to do that with the turkey liver. Admittedly I either eat it before the turkey ever gets to the table or cut it up and mix it into the stuffing. I’m with Howard about wanting to make a “at-home” turkey dinner so there can be leftovers. Since we go to Death Valley, we have no leftovers and I miss that. In fact, today I would have “killed” for a turkey and cranberry relish sandwich. Your little olive excursion sounds like fun and it also seems as if you had a lovely Thanksgiving.

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