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It’s hard to believe that this marks the start of the third year of French Fridays with Dorie. When I joined the group, that inaugural week, I had no idea what I was stepping into. I had been blogging for almost a year at that point. The people who read my posts were family, friends, and maybe some friends of family and friends. If anyone else was reading, they weren’t commenting, so I have no idea if they were out there, though I doubt it.

In October of 2010, I wrote my first post that was part of a collective effort. That first post was about gougeres. I was more than a little self-conscious, not knowing whether any of the other people in the group would read my posts, or even think they were worthwhile to read. I felt equally self-conscious leaving comments for these total strangers, even though we had the shared experience of making the same recipe.

Over the weeks, then months, now years, I got to know this geographically scattered group of home cooks. I feel a connection to these people though we’ve never met face-to-face. I enjoy the feeling of knowing there are other obsessive home cooks out there like me, who share the same passion of cooking and feeding family and friends, and for knowing some of these people. I like seeing what other kitchen ventures they take outside of the shared Friday recipe. I like being part of this community, even if it only exists in cyberspace.

And so, year three begins with hummus.

I’ve made my own hummus for years, usually using the recipe my mother gave me when I was in college. (Admittedly, in the past couple years, I’ve discovered Sabra hummus. I love the texture of theirs and haven’t made my own in a while, buying large tubs of it as Costco.)

Dorie’s recipe is very basic. The ingredients (all pantry staples for me) are pureed in the food processor, and there you have it. The main difference between this recipe and what I’ve made before is the absence of olive oil. Dorie’s recipe used only the reserved liquid from the canned chickpeas and lemon juice to thin the chickpea and tahini paste. Hummus sans olive oil tasted fine, so some calories can definitely be saved. I enjoyed the ground cumin that spices up this version of hummus.

To serve, I mimicked the Sabra hummus I mentioned before. I poured some extra virgin olive oil on top and sprinkled the bowl with pine nuts and a little smoked paprika for color. I served with another favorite new product (no, I’m not in marketing): Stacy’s pita crisps. I’m already a fan of Stacy’s pita chips, but these are thinner and I prefer their texture.

There’s not much else to say. This is an easy appetizer, obviously. I also enjoy hummus on a sandwich with finely grated carrots or other vegetables. This makes a big batch, so there’s enough left over to make sandwiches for lunch.

As always, we don’t post the recipes for what we make for this group. You can find the recipe in Dorie Greenspan’s book Around My French Table. You can also see how the other FFwD bloggers’ hummus came out by following their links posted here.

Wishing all my French Friday friends a Happy Anniversary! Here’s to cooking along with in the year(s) ahead! Cheers! XOX


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  1. Wow, happy anniversary! Crazy to think that you’ve been at it for two years now. I joined a little later and I absolutely know what you mean about feeling self-conscious. It felt very weird at first but I wouldn’t trade it. As you said, where else would I find friends with a similar kitchen obsession?

  2. Wow – I can’t believe we are moving into year 3. It seems like time went quickly, but also like we’ve been doing this forever…
    Wouldn’t it be nice if we could figure out how to get some FFwD meetups going in different regions – and turn some of these cyber-friendships in “real” face-to-face ones?

  3. thekitchenlioness

    Betsy, Happy Anniversary to You as well! Although I have a long road ahead of me…nowhere near two years for me but I enjoy the experience tremendously!

    Your hummus looks delicious with some pine nuts on top and a sprinkling of smoked paprika, plus some olive oil.

    Have a great weekend!

  4. Lovely presentation. I like the pine nuts and olive oil. Have a nice weekend:)

  5. Happy anniversary to you and your cooking pals! It’s been a pleasure to read about your adventures and have a taste some of the yummy results.

  6. Happy Anniversary to you too! Your hummus looks delicious, I love the idea of just a bit of olive oil on top and the pine nuts. Happy you enjoyed so much! My guests loved it, so it was a hit!!

  7. Happy Anniversary to you also, Betsy!! Funny how we all now have a kinship with each other! I love knowing there are other like minded people out there. Your hummus looks perfectly wonderful. Love that you garnished yours with pine nuts and olive oil! I also love Sabra! The only one I’ll eat besides mine. Have a great weekend!

  8. Really!!?? Three years. I had such good intentions but haven’t done much with FFwD. That’s the way it has been with TWD. So many friends. Hummus sounds good with your additions. Pine nuts. Thanks for stopping by.

  9. I started less than 7 months ago, with the cheese souffle, and feel such a great friendship and connection to this group! Happy anniversary to you! The hummus looks wonderful.

  10. Your hummus looks great, I’ve noticed a few people mention Sabra brand hummus, there’s a costco in sydney, I’ve been meaning to go and check it out, I’ll keep an eye out for that brand.
    Joining this group was new for me too and I remember how self conscious I felt at the start as well! And everyone was so welcoming and encouraging, it was wonderful!

  11. It’s amazing how we all felt the same way about writing the comments. I can’t believe that
    we are starting the third year of cooking Dorie food. Your hummus looks wonderful, I
    like the addition of the oil too. I also thought the idea of using it as a sandwich spread
    sounds great, plan to try it for lunch. Happy weekend.

  12. Happy anniversary to you too! I thought I would mark this one on my blog with a giveaway of the cookbook we use, but all your sentiments hit the nail on the head for me too – what a great community we have built up! :) Have a great weekend, your hummus looks great!

  13. I love the addition of pine nuts to the hummus for a little texture and flavor. I actually missed the olive oil in this recipe. I found it a bit too thick and not as velvety as it should have been.

  14. Happy Anniversary! I am very new to the group but I love that all of us make a nice community!!

  15. It is a fantastic group, isn’t it? Hard to believe we’re starting our 3rd year! Your hummus looks perfect!

  16. CRAZY how time flies!!! I loved this hummus too – sometimes simple is best!

  17. congrats on your anniversary!! i agree Sabra is amazing. yours looks fab, also. now i am hungry — thanks a lot!

  18. Happy Anniversary! I love the community we’ve built and look forward to reading folks’ non-Dorie posts as much as the ones about our assignments. I love the way you garnished your hummus – it looks luscious.

  19. I do like the look of your imitation Sabra hummus – pine nuts would have added a lovely textural crunch. Happy Dorie-versary to you too.

  20. I didn’t realize this was the 3rd anniversary. I joined the group shortly after in mid November and still haven’t made the gougeres! Gotta get caught up one of these days. Like you I enjoy feeling a part of the FF community…and we have a ways to go:)

  21. I am so with you about the group- Nana and I started right before you with Helene Marie’s Apple Cake (think the name is correct) and it is safe to say we had NO IDEA what this adventure would be like. We did not know about leaving comments and could not believe we got these sweet little messages this week….but quickly learned that this link to others around the world was as important as the actual recipes we knocked out ! I also chuckled and was relieved when you gave the thumbs up to the Costco brand as that is what my family has me competing with :) My first shot was good (though NO competition to Sabra) but I look forward to playing around with this A LOT…….

  22. You wrote and expressed what I think about food blogging and this group of French Friday followers. I couldn’t have said it better. I’m with you about the comments – my friends read my Blog some of the time, most of the time, whenever, but don’t comment. I love the comments from others and I LOVE to comment. (Note to Betsy – Sometimes I write too much in the comment box. Ever the writer.) Although I made the South American version of hummus this week, I intend this week to throw all Dorie’s ingredients in my food processor and make it. Sabra, be damned. Guilty! Glad to be back, Betsy, but it seems you and Laurie kept the homefires burning just fine.

  23. Happy Anniversary, Betsy! It is so hard to believe that we are going on three years. I have missed cooking along with you. Your hummus looks delicious. I didn’t make this one because none of us care for garbonzo beans, but I will be making the tart today since I am off work. Have a good week!

  24. That looks beautiful with the olive oil and pine nuts on top! We buy that Sabra hummus too,and one of our favorite parts is the garnish they put on top.

  25. I felt the same way when first blogging in this group! It has been great, everyone is so welcoming! Your hummus looks great, I also added some olive oil, it was so good!

  26. Beautiful presentation! I really like the finishing touches you put on the hummus…I’ve enjoyed this group so much more than I thought I would when I joined 2 years ago. Happy Anniversary – I’m looking forward to the next years of this group!

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