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Autumn is here! Fall weather with its crisp mornings and evenings with warm afternoons has always been my favorite. Food cravings change this time of year too. I’m actually tiring of tomatoes and corn and ready for squash and apples. I always think of peppers as a transitional vegetable. While their Mediterranean-ness plant them mentally in summer, they are most plentiful in late summer and early fall. Fortunately for peppers, they complement tomatoes and winter squash equally well.

This week’s recipe for French Fridays with Dorie is about as peppery as you can get. Chicken Basquaise is a satisfying stew from the Basque region of France. Peppers, in the form of a silky piperade, star in this dish.

I would say that piperade is to peppers what stewed tomatoes are to tomatoes. First, sweet onions are sautéed until soft. Then a huge pile of peppers are added to the pan to soften as well. I used a combination of dark green, light green, red, and purple peppers. Finally, some diced plum tomatoes, garlic, and herbs are added to round things out. Everything cooks together for the flavors to meld.

For convenience, I made the piperade the day before I made the final dish. When it was dinner time, I browned the chicken thighs, deglazed the pan with white wine, then added the piperade. The stew simmered while I made rice and a salad.

I’m wondering if the piperade would freeze well. With the sauce already prepared, this was a quick meal to prepare. The piperade doesn’t take that long to make, but doing it all in one shot would be impossible on a weeknight.

Chicken basquaise was a hit. It offered wonderful comfort food for the changing weather. The aroma of the peppers was reminiscent of Italian sausage and peppers, and my husband mentioned that, based on the smell, he was expecting bites of sausage in the dish. There’s an idea for next time.

I’ve also set aside some of the piperade to try as Eggs and Piperade for a breakfast this weekend. Can’t wait to try it!

We don’t post the recipes, but consider getting your own copy of the book, Dorie Greenspan’s book Around My French Table.

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  1. Ha–your husband and I think alike. I also wished sausage was involved. That was smart of you to divide the labor over two days. This did take a long time to make all in one shot.

  2. I´m sure it freezes well. This was really colorful. Have a great weekend Betsy!

  3. I saved for the eggs too and thought it was wonderful that way. In fact, I would say next time I’ll double it so I have enough to make a slew of breakfast burritos to freeze with this. Great job!

  4. I am guessing the piperade would freeze very well. I freeze roasted peppers frequently.
    How are the purple peppers? They have been showing up in my CSA, but I have not tried them to see if they are palatable to me or not…
    Looks beautiful & have a great weekend.

  5. Yes, in the recipe Dorie posted online in the Washington Post, she says it freezes well. Which is good to know!

  6. I saved some peppers for eggs this weekend too. I’m looking forward to it.

  7. Smart idea to make this over two days! I didn’t so I had a late meal! It was tasty. But I’ve also made a lot of sausage and peppers lately too. I understand.

    Your dish looks great. The purple pepper is gorgeous! I think the piperade should freeze well. Good idea!

  8. With everyone mentioning sausage and peppers, I’m craving some too even though I still have more chicken basquaise in the fridge! What a gorgeous bounty of peppers you used in the dish.

  9. Hi. Sounds yummy. Can smell the peppers cooking. Hope you are enjoying new role. Bella must be ecstatic. Love xxxxx

    Sent from my Kindle Fire


  10. I think I’ll be making a double batch of this next time, too. So good! I love all the colours of peppers you used – so pretty.

  11. Betsy, of course the colorful peppers that you used in this famous Mediterranean dish are amazingly pretty! Glad that you enjoyed this dish so much – the pipérade will probably be wonderful with those slightly scrambled eggs in the morning.

  12. Betsy, Lovely looking meal…I’m disappointed I couldn’t get this one done…soon! I think I will half the pipérade.

  13. Looks good Betsy. I made it over two nights for the same reason.

  14. Looks absolutely delicious. I think preparing the piperade the day before is a great
    idea as it is very time consuming. Love the photo of all those peppers.

  15. Wow, what a stunning purple pepper! I agree, this one is worth making again :) Hope you’ve had a wonderful weekend~

  16. Betsy, your Chicken Basquaise looks delicious:) So glad your family enjoyed it. Terrfic job!

  17. Nice job! I think it would freeze just fine. It was good!

  18. that opening picture of the sliced peppers is just beautiful! sadly, the end of tomatoes and peppers is probably just around the corner for us in Colorado.

  19. Looks great and I think your husband is on to something with the sausage idea!!!

  20. I actually froze some of the piperade to try with eggs. I’ll let you know how it is! Glad you enjoyed this one, the flavor was great.

  21. Fall is my favorite time of year too. This was the perfect September dish!

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