Life 2.0 Begins

Today is a momentous day for me. Today I start a year-long journey to reflect on my life so far and figure out what I want to do for the rest of it. As the ultimate gift, Howard has granted me a year off from a lifetime of working to step back and decide what I want to be when I grow up. You could say it’s a form of midlife crisis, yet, as Howard points out, if you do the math, I’m probably past that point. Regardless of what you call it, I feel so fortunate to have the opportunity to step off the treadmill, clear my head, and see where life takes me.

Do I have a plan? Short-term, I have no plan. The initial objective is to decompress so that I can think clearly about what’s next. The next few months, I’ll focus on creating some order out of the chaos of my material life, with some house projects thrown in for an additional feeling of satisfaction. I followed through on Day 1 of my “starting to run” program. I plan to cook a lot. Also on deck is bonding with Bella (and stealing her heart from Howard, if it’s possible) now that I’m responsible for most of her many daily walks.

Once I start to relax, I’ll see what I miss about the challenges of what my (week)daily life as software engineer has involved and what needs to be adjusted. Then, the exploration will begin.

If you have any ideas for me, please share!


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  1. Take your time. Revisit your dreams and don’t be afraid to fail. I would be interested in following you on your journey of self-discovery!


  2. How exciting! It can be difficult to figure out what you want when you are stuck in the daily grind. I hope you time off is everything you want it to be!

  3. Wow that sounds ike an amazing opportunity! Enjoy xo

  4. That is a wonderful gift, from Howard and to yourself. I hope it’s a year of adventure and reflection that leaves you full of ideas for your next step.

  5. Betsy, wow! How exciting and scary and amazing. I wish you well as you figure it all out.

  6. Nice move bets. Let’s have dinner soon & talk about it.

  7. Betsy – this sounds great. I’m envious and wish you well on the next adventure.

  8. Betsy I commend you. I guess you have more courage than me.

  9. Stepping off the treadmill was the best thing I ever did! I hope you enjoy your time off!

  10. Betsy, wishing you all the very best for your personal journey!

  11. Oh Betsy, how wonderful. I hope that in addition to figuring out what you want to be when you grow up, you take some time to enjoy the slower pace. Find a favorite cafe and go sit with a book and linger over your coffee, or heck, even an afternoon glass of wine on occasion. I wish you all the best.

  12. Betsy, Wishing you the very best…take time to appreciate all the small things you had no time for. You will figure it out!! Enjoy your time off!

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