Baby Bees Are On Their Way

Even though I could probably do it every day, everyone recommends that I only open and inspect the hive once a week. I was so excited when Sunday came around, and I allowed myself to peek. This was the first time I was “on my own” though I wasn’t truly alone. Howard was there for moral support AND photography duty. He’s doing a marvelous job of staying brave, given that he was petrified when I announced my intention of starting the hive.

I started with a little smoke to calm them down.

Then I lifted off the top box and feeder, and took a peek at the frames. The bees are very busy. The queen is doing a good job laying eggs. This time, I could see eggs growing into larvae (see the little white crescents in the cells). There was also capped brood, where the larvae were pupating and should hatch into baby bees twelve days after capping. I don’t know if I’ll see baby bees next week, but soon after!

After an inspection of all the frames, I could see that the bees have drawn comb on about five of the frames, and two or three have brood. Then, I moved the frames back together and replaced the one I removed to make space to maneuver.

Everything went back on, just the way it came off. The hive is buttoned up tight until next week.

I amazed how much I enjoy standing nearby and watching the bees come and go. They are very active, but I don’t know where they go. I hope that they are enjoying the flowers in my garden, but the only creatures I spot seem to be the bumblebees.


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  1. It’s great to see how your bees are doing! What fun!!

  2. How interesting! I know nothing about bees, so I am learning from your posts.

  3. Every day is an adventure, isn’t it? Sounds like you are having good progress!

  4. Beth, I’m enjoying your posts so much…and learning things I never knew! So very interesting!

  5. that is scary.. but i love honey.

  6. How cool that you’ve joined the ranks. My aunt just got mason bees (I blogged about it) which don’t produce honey but which are pretty awesome pollinators nonetheless, and were super-interesting to learn about. I’m sort of petrified like your husband but find it super-cool. Splendid Table just rebroadcast an interview with Marla Spivack on bees which was fascinating–if you can’t find I can send you a link & I also posted it on our FB page (sorry for all the self-referencing here, ugh).

  7. How exciting. Congrats!

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