French Fridays with Dorie: apple-gorgonzola quiche

Is it Friday, again, already? I wasn’t overly enthusiastic about making this week’s recipe for French Fridays with Dorie: Apple-Gorgonzola Quiche. I like the ingredients, individually. In fact, I had all the ingredients on hand. I just couldn’t imagine how the final product might taste, which I typically like to be able to do. The bonne idée for Quiche Lorraine seemed more appealing, but it would involve shopping, and so I went with the assignment straight up.

To add to my ambivalence, my husband doesn’t do fruit in his dinner, so a quiche with apples wasn’t going to get eaten by him. I wasn’t up for eating it alone, but the perfect opportunity for sharing came up. The local football team, the New England Patriots, is one of the contenders in this weekend’s Super Bowl. We organized an office potluck yesterday, and my contribution was the French Friday quiche. Not exactly macho football food, but it got eaten.

The flavors in this seemingly odd quiche really worked, much to my surprise. I was afraid it might be sweet, but it was quite savory. I’m not even sure I would have known the apple was there if I hadn’t cooked it myself. (I think I could even have tricked Howard, or just neglected to tell him the full list of ingredients.) The onions and gorgonzola were the primary flavors. I threw in a handful of toasted walnuts, which added an earthy note.

I really do love quiche. While I’m not sure that I’d make this version again, I’m glad this recipe reminded me that I should make it more often.

If you want to see what the other bloggers thought of this week’s recipe, check out their links over at French Fridays with Dorie. If you want the recipe, you can find it in Dorie Greenspan’s book Around My French Table

Next week is another recipe that I’m unsure about: Nutella Tartine, but I’ll give it a go and maybe have another pleasant surprise.


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  1. Too funny, I think you could have written my post this week. I too love all the ingredients individually and I too was more than a little skeptical about how they would all come together. I was tempted by the quiche lorraine recipe, but I have already made quiche lorraine in the past so that felt like a cheat somehow. And in the end, I loved it! Way tastier than I could have imagined. So happy to hear that I was not the only one to be pleasantly surprised.

  2. Glad you were able to find some willing taste-testers to give this quiche a go! I’ve already made the Nutella tartine, and if you like the chocolate hazelnut spread, this will be tasty for you.

  3. I would never have come up with this ingredient combo for a quiche on my own…I was surprised by how much I like this recipe. Part of the fun of trying new things.

  4. See, I only think I could handle this one because of the apple, onion and all the rest. That cheese on its own — way too much for me! This looks like it came out great.

  5. Good for you for trying it, even though you didn’t expect much. I loved it. Probably wise of you to bring it in to work, if your husband wasn’t going to eat any. Glad it went.

  6. Glad you found a good audience for your quiche. We enjoyed it and will make it again but would never have come up with the ingredients on our own!

  7. Too funny – glad you found an outlet.
    We have a lot of Team Blue in our neck of the woods… This is definitely a “Northeast” kind of game.
    Have a great weekend.

  8. Well, it looks great and if there was none left then I say it was a winner. D wont eat that sweet-savory stuff either, so I ate my version over the rest of the week. On another note, I thought of your blog and photo a few weeks back when we put up new shelves along an entire wall of our living space to house our books. Half the space is dominated by my cookbooks, and I even moved a bunch to a small set of shelves in the kitchen.

  9. your comment about your husband and fruit reminded me of something by husband said tonight too, “if your the kind of person who likes cooked fruit…” Yeah, if I make a pie, I eat alone!

  10. Your quiche looks great! I just didn’t tell anyone at home that there was apples in the quiche, and you’re right, you’d never know by tasting it!
    I despise (strong word I know) blue cheese! But as long as there were no big chunks of the cheese in each bite I managed to enjoy the taste of the filling and we all love the pastry. I missed the suggestion of adding walnuts (I think I was still jet-lagged!) but I wish I had tried it! Sounds great!

  11. I thought the chunks or cubes of apple sort of looked like chicken in this quiche, definitely a meaty looking tart! My husband liked it and we polished it off except for one small piece which I might enjoy for breakfast tomorrow morning. Your apple gorgonzola quiche looks beautifully done, I’m sure it was enjoyed by all;-)

  12. Yay, glad you tried it despite your doubts. I was surprised that this got eaten without qualms by my friends and colleagues – can’t have been too bad.

  13. I am glad you enjoyed this one, Betsy, and I bet Howard wouldn’t have realized that he was eating apple either. :) Good choice to take it to work since it can be eaten at room temperature and something different to serve than the usual office potluck fare. Have a great weekend!

  14. Glad you liked the quiche. Yours looks lovely. The Gala apple in mine just melted into the filling so we really couldn’t pick it out as an ingredient. Luckily my taste testers eat almost anything. Good choice to take it for the pot luck. Bet your co-workers will be looking for more fancy treats.

  15. I chopped up my apples very small (almost as small as the onions) and the flavor was not too strong. I’m glad you found some willing tasters – the office Super Bowl potluck sounds like a lot of fun!

  16. I think it’s great that you shared this quiche (not-the-normal Quiche Lorraine, was it) with your office colleagues. They must LOVE working with you. I am a Giants fan, myself, but will not be broken-hearted of the Packers win. I tried Nutella loooooong ago, didn’t like it, ready to give-it-a-go today. It will be a Super Bowl snack. Not the most popular choice around my house, but, hey, I’m the one in the kitchen.

  17. I’m glad you were pleasantly surprised by this one! I agree, my main thought after making this was “I should really make quiche more often”….Your co-workers are very lucky.

  18. I am glad you ended up liking this combo. Apples and onions go together beautifully and cheese just seals the deal! Hope you have a great week!

  19. Betsy, I agree with you that the apple didn’t dominate the taste. I made mine for my bunco group and everyone really enjoyed it. I loved the flavors of the gorgonzola, onions and apple together. Next time I want to add walnuts. For me it’s a keeper! Your’s looks wonderful!

  20. We really enjoyed this one – I was a little apprehensive as I thought it might be too sweet with the apple, but it was subtle and the cheese offset it.

  21. I think my friends are happy that I have such a picky family..they get to enjoy many of Dorie’s recipes! My hubby gave this a try, but didn’t go back for seconds :/

  22. You know, the combination of filling makes me think of cheese plate with all the proper accompaniment. I wonder if a drizzle of honey would be a bit too much? Glad you found an opportunity to share this quiche! It’s quite a rich treat and I can’t begin to imagine finishing it all by one person!

  23. I thought this one was delicious. Your quiche looks like it was perfectly cooked.

  24. Your quiche looks amazing! I love the idea of walnuts. I was not sure how this would work out either, but I really enjoyed it!

  25. Glad to hear you enjoyed the results. Seems to have been a popular recipe!!

  26. My husband couldn’t taste the apple, so perhaps you could have tricked your husband after all. Even so, it’s nice that the perfect opportunity for sharing presented itself. The Quiche Lorraine variation sounded really good to me too, but I wanted to try the recipe as written first.

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