French Fridays with Dorie: Corn Soup

It’s a new month with a new schedule of recipes for French Fridays with Dorie, and the first recipe on deck for September is Corn Soup. I don’t know what the rest of the month will bring, but I’d say we started off with a winner!

It doesn’t hurt that corn is in its prime right now. To be honest, at my house, corn doesn’t usually get any special treatment. It just gets eaten as steamed corn on the cob, no butter. My husband Howard is in his glory. He’s been eating two or three ears of corn every day since some time in August. I don’t have quite the same passion, but I eat one ear most days.

This is the second corn soup I made this week. I made chicken corn chowder during Tropical Storm Irene last weekend, before I knew Corn Soup was this week’s FFwD assignment. The two soups were completely different so it didn’t seem repetitive. Plus it was fun to compare them. My chowder was a hearty meal soup with chunks of chicken, corn and potatoes. Dorie’s Corn Soup was lighter and smoother, more of a starter, and tasted purely of corn.

The recipe starts with cutting the kernels off of the corn cobs. Then, the corn cobs steep in hot milk (I used 1%, not whole) to extract every last bit of corny flavor from the corn. A sweet onion is sautéed in butter along with some sliced carrots and celery and the corn kernels. Finally, the corny milk (with the cobs) and some herbs are added to the pot, and it simmers for a while. After extracting the cobs and herb stems and bay leaf, I pureed the soup in the blender.

A taste told me the soup was delicious, but I didn’t like the texture of the pureed corn kernels. It felt a little fussy, but I strained the soup. It was worth the effort. The result was a pot of silken gold.

Dorie suggested a variety of garnishes to choose from. I topped our steaming bowls with chopped bacon, scallions, sliced jalapenos, and a few slow-roasted tomatoes. All the contrasting flavors made a party in our mouths.

We followed the soup with a tomato tart. More on that later this weekend.

We’re asked not to post the recipes for the French Fridays selections. You can find them all in Dorie Greenspan’s Around My French Table. The Summer Corn Soup recipe is already available here on Epicurious. You can also read about the other FFwD blogger’s experience with this recipe here.

Next week we’ll be making. Creamy, Cheesy, Garlicky Rice with Spinach. Stop by again next Friday to see how it came out.


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  1. I have to admit, I snuck a few potatoes in mine. Just couldn’t bring myself to make it with out the obligatory potato…
    I wish I had taken the extra step to strain it – because it sounds like that was very worthwhile :-)

  2. Your soup looks lovely. I was too lazy to puree much less strain mine, but looking at your beautiful picture I am wishing that I had made the effort.

    Happy to hear that Irene left you in relative peace and hope your home in Maine is ok.

  3. Yours look delicious…I did not strain it so it was not smooth but I like the coarse texture, full of flavor. Love it and shall make this again . This is my first time making creamy soup :)

  4. Your soup looks delicious, smooth and creamy! Great post!

  5. Your corn and your soup look beautiful!
    I didn’t strain mine, but after reading your description of the result I wish I had! Sounds amazing!

  6. I was thinking that tomatoes would be good with this soup, too! And I love tomato tart. Great combination.

  7. Beautiful! Maybe if I had strained mine the kids would have liked it better. Well, I loved it.

    Can’t wait til next week. Cheers!

  8. Looks good! I didn’t have the patience to strain mine, so I”m impressed!

  9. Oh, that looks so good! I love the idea of adding slow-roasted tomatoes as garnish – those really do go with everything!

  10. the slow roasted tomatoes seem intriguing… did it taste good with the corn?

  11. What a great idea to add the slow roasted tomatoes as a garnish to this soup. It looks creamy and delicious! Nice job!

  12. Slow roasted tomatoes sound great….may have to try that next time.

  13. ‘A pot of silken gold’ is exactly what it looks like, I would love a taste;-)

  14. The soup looks great and its good to hear someone tested out straining it. but what i relaly want to comment on in the tomato tart! That sounds wonderful. Can’t wait!

  15. Nice work, two corn soups in one week. Hope everyone made it through the hurricane OK…what a mess. Enjoyed your post.

  16. Oh, yum! Tomatoes and jalapenos were excellent additions!

  17. 1% or 2% milk seems the way to go for this soup. Yours looks great, golden and smooth. Bacon and roasted tomatoes toppings sound delicious!

  18. I added jalapeños too – high five! You are right, the additions definitely make this soup a party in the mouth. We loved it here too.

  19. I was too lazy to puree too, but love your description of silken gold!

  20. I think the jalapenos sound good for this. I used a little cayenne and
    it added some heat and a great taste. Tricia and I both enjoyed the recipe,
    and I definitely plan on making this again. Hubby and I have been enjoying
    all the delicious corn this year and will be sorry to see the season end.

  21. I love your descriptions – they’re so perfect. I used 1% milk, too, and skipped the crème fraiche for a lighter soup. This soup really is different from a chowder and I thought steeping the corn cobs was brilliant.

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