French Fridays with Dorie: Spinach and Bacon Quiche

TGIF! Friday morning means one more day of work for the week. Also, it means one more sleep until I go to Maryland for a quick overnight visit to see my sisters and my Dad and other family. And, of course, French Fridays with Dorie, which means it’s time to talk about this week’s recipe for this on-line cooking group.

Every week brings a different feeling of anticipation. It varies between excitement, curiosity, ambivalence, and dread. I was enthusiastic about this week’s choice: Spinach and Bacon Quiche (page 160 from Dorie Greenspan’s Around My French Table).

I love quiche, particularly spinach quiche. Dorie’s version with bacon was a different twist from the way I usually make it (from Julia Child), and I made some variations on Dorie’s version. I truly enjoy making pastry crust. It’s a baking feat I have mastered. I have to admit that I substituted my own go-to pastry crust recipe (actually Mark Bittman’s) for Dorie’s since it works better for me.

I was a little light on the spinach because the huge box from the store turned out to weight only 7 ounces, not the ten called for. Spinach cooks down so much, so I was worried my shell wouldn’t be filled enough, but it was fine. I also opted to lighten it, using half-and-half instead of cream. Finally, I was out of Parmesan, but found some aged Gouda in the cheese drawer. Aged Gouda is a favorite at our house and I thought it would complement the smoky bacon nicely.

I do love how spinach quiche is more filling than custard. It’s so pretty when filling the shell, and then even prettier once browned in the oven.

My first bite cried out BREAKFAST! It must have been the bacon that triggered that reaction. However, this will be lunch and dinner fare for us. With a side salad, this makes a perfect meal, filling but not too heavy.

After my initial enthusaism, the end result was not disappointing, it was GREAT! This was my favorite FFwD recipe in a while. My usual spinach quiche recipe is topped with Gruyère, and I think that would also work well on top of this bacony version. I can’t wait to make it again.

You can also check out the links for other bloggers who made this quiche at French Fridays with Dorie. I love to read about their variations and make notes of my favorite ideas for “next time”. We don’t post the recipes, but consider getting your own copy of the book, Dorie Greenspan’s Around My French Table. Maybe you’ll even want to cook along with us on Fridays. You’ll enjoy it, I promise.

Next week, it’s bacon again as part of Bacon, Egg, and Asparagus Salad, another recipe I’m excited about.


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  1. April Austin

    Mm, my mouth was watering over this quiche. I love anything with bacon. I’m looking forward to the bacon, asparagus and egg salad next week, sounds great.

  2. Looks beautiful! Bring on more bacon:)

  3. Ooh, what a lovely crust you had there! And that Gouda must have kicked things up a bit in the quiche…lovely!

  4. Looks absolutely wonderful! I’m looking forward to next week’s recipe, as well! :)

  5. Your quiche looks wonderful..I happen to love quiche and this was no exception. The gouda sounds delicious what a great addition!

  6. I just love all the bright green color from the spinach. Yours looks tasty!

  7. I agree about the different feelings of anticipation! Glad you enjoy it. I’ll have to try some aged gouda next time since it is my favourite snacking cheese after all…

  8. Lovely photos. I agree with you, this is not as rich as regular quiche with
    all the cheese. I also found it not to be as time consuming as some of the
    other recipes I have used. Tricia and I will both be making these again, hopefully very soon.

  9. Hi, Betsy! I will definitley try Upton Teas as Earl Grey is one of my favorites, too. I could totally relate to your feelings about FFWD each week! I think I put extra pressure on myself because our dishes are viewed by our peers! This week was interesting because there was no photo to compare our results to. Yours turned out great!

  10. hi. have a nice visit in maryland. quiche sounds delicious. love, helyn

  11. I think I used triple the amount of pancetta in place of the bacon this week. I agree this one screamed breakfast (although, I ate it for lunch most of the week…)
    Enjoy your trip!

  12. hi betsy! that looked so yummy. as you know i probably will never make it myself. hope i am around when you decide to make it again xxoo

  13. It was definitely breakfast for me. Beautiful quiche, Betsy!

  14. It looks fantastic, Betsy! I am going to have to check out that Mark Bittman tart recipe. I have only tried Martha’s and Dorie’s. I bet it was so delicious with Gouda.

  15. Betsy, I have ben passed an 8 in one award and am passing it on to you. I enjoy reading your blog and think you really deserve it. You can pick it up via my blog.

  16. Glad you liked the quiche! I was nervous about making substitutions for the cream, so I’m happy to hear that half-and-half worked well in this recipe. I’m still working on my pastry crusts, but I do think the FFwD group has helped me get a little bit better with them.

  17. It looks perfect. I wish I had let mine brown a bit more, but it was still good. I love the flexibility of a classic quiche recipe.

  18. I made mine with chicken Italian sausage (since I was making something else too), but your bacon version with the Gouda looks amazing and has my mouth watering!

  19. Pretty, pretty quiche! Your crust looks like a work of art! Bravo you! We loved this recipe too :)

  20. I was light on the spinach too, actually turned out okay as the potatoes I added were really good and filling. I just made the asparagus, bacon, egg salad for dinner tonight, it was good but not easy to photograph the gooey egg and make it look good, oh well;-) I’m enjoying the FFWD cooking group and always look forward to the next recipe;-)
    Your quiche looks beautifully browned and I think that makes it look so delicious, I can just imagine that filling and the cheese!

  21. I’ve nominated you for a Versatile Blogger award! Come check it out on my blog!

  22. Looking at your photos reminded me again how great the quiche was!
    I understand your Friday anticipation.
    Even when I’ve missed a week, I like knowing I can still have a virtual experience of the week’s recipe by reading everyone’s posts!

  23. Looks beautiful and delicious! I’ve been craving this quiche ever since I made it last week – I may have to make it again soon!

  24. Hi, Betsy! I left a response to your question over on my blog, but in case you miss it – Yes, I really enjoy Margaret’s podcasts and find them so inspiring as well. I am so glad you listen to them! Also, check out Ken Druse’s podcasts. He is a friend of Margaret’s and she often guests on his radio show. Really good gardening info. I would love to visit Margaret’s garden some day and meet her in person!

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