Daily Archives: 5 February 2010

Pizza for Dessert?

Yesterday was my nephew Brett’s 10th birthday. As with everyone in my family, he got to pick out where the family ate dinner on his birthday. Brett picked a Maryland institution, Ledo Pizza.

The original location was near the University of Maryland. When I was a kid, that was the only location. Now they are scattered all over the Maryland suburbs. One recently opened near their house.

Ledo Pizza is different than the typical pizza. The pizzas are rectangular, not round, with a really flaky crust. I enjoy the treat when I’m in town.

My brother-in-law Danny is a whiz at cake decorating. He makes really creative cakes.

Isn’t Brett’s birthday cake amazing? The cake is the same shape as a regular Ledo pizza. Jane and Danny even made an extra stop at the restaurant to get a box for the cake, which they brought with them for dinner.

The pizza cake itself, which Jane baked, was half yellow and half chocolate, to make everyone happy. The buttercream frosting was tinted tan to cover the two-tone cake. (Jane said if it had been all yellow, she would not have frosted the “crust”.) The tomato sauce was the same buttercream tinted red. There aren’t a lot of fancy toppings, just the way that Brett would order. The cheese is grated white chocolate. The pepperoni is fruit leather.

I think it’s a very cool cake.