Weekend Eats

It was a busy cooking weekend.  No pictures, but lots of interesting new recipes tried. That translates into lots of tasty leftovers for lunch this week.

You know how they say “Life is short; eat dessert first”?  I tried a new apple crisp recipe with some of the Mutsu apples from the CSA, mixed with McIntosh apples we picked in Maine in September.  The topping used a mix of flour and oats, and the oats get ground up so they aren’t whole.  Howard didn’t like it, but I did.  (Note: he never likes apple crisp unless it’s my “usual” recipe).  I’ll adjust and try again.  I think the new topping will be a nice alternative if I prepare it in the “usual” way.  I’ll try it and let you know.

We also tried stuffing delicata squash from the CSA with a goat filling.  The filling called for ground lamb, which I didn’t have, but at our October Meat CSA delivery from Chestnut Farms, I picked up a pound of ground goat.  It tasted like something in between lamb and beef, not quite the same either one.  The filling was sauteed meat and onions, seasoned with cinnamon and cumin, with soaked bulgur and toasted pine nuts.  After cutting the squash in half, the cavities weren’t very big.  So, I steamed the halved squash until the flesh was tender (about 20 minutes).  Then I scooped out the flesh leaving about 1/4 inch.  (I saved the squash to eat separately.)  Then I filled the cavities with the meat filling, covered with filling, and baked until it was hot (about 20 minutes).  I had 3 squash and only need half the filling.

Tonight, I used the leftover filling to make an interesting pasta sauce.  I started with a can of Pastene ground peeled tomatoes.  I added the leftover filling, some cinnamon and allspice, and a generous handful of chopped cilantro.  I simmered it together while the pasta cooked.  I served the sauce over half a pound of rotini pasta.  The spirals caught the sauce, and it was delicious.


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  1. as you know i do not really cook at all but everything you made sounded very yummy although i don’t know if i could of eaten goat if i knew it was goat. but the stuffed squash sounded extremely interesting. if i was closer i definitely would be up for the eating aspect of a food blog.
    good luck.. and yes you guys must have too much time on your hands……………..

  2. I love the detail-it all makes my mouth water! We’ve tried goat a lot. When Haley was in preschool, she had an Indian friend whose grandfather was a famous Indian chef. We tried goat for the first time at her house and we all loved it. It can be bony but since you got it ground, some of the work was taken out. Can’t wait to read more. I want to visit and cook with you!

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